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Friday, April 11, 2014

InstaFriday {v.18}

My Week in Instagram...
It's been a few, but I'm squeezing in some time for it today!

Big changes happened this past week for us - we swapped my studio/office space 
to the finished room in the basement, so that the school space could move onto the main floor.
 The right thing to do for our needs, but....honestly?  It was hard for me, 
to pack my creative things and etsy venture away for a future someday.

However, once the heavy work was done, our school room came together beautifully!
And we have all been really, really, enjoying our new space together.  
Here is a glimpse of my new computer/office area.

Homelife Cont.
Park Day included feeding squirrels out of our hand and skipping rocks in the pond.
And - lots of chess being played here lately.  Middle teaching Little, with a puppy audience.

We started a new unit this week - Life Cycles.  Getting a box of new curriculum makes us happy!

Little Man joined us this week in our new classroom.  It has gone very well!
Phonics Readers about Han Solo are always a win in my book,
block center in a peaceful morning window, rainbow writing site words,
and reading about life cycles of bean plants, apple trees, and butterflies.

My Monday #mybeautyis post was about being willing to try new things.
I found lovely and encouraging goodies in my studio as I was packing - 
a certificate of Pure Awesomeness and a You Are Adored doily.  I had to document them.
I also had a magical, girly moment while taking my posse on a walk at the community gardens - 
my shadow fit perfectly onto one of the huge hand-painted butterflies on the path near the butterfly garden : )

My weekly #onelittleword #jaimeesayslisten post was this fantastic quote from pinterest

I left out my Photo-a-Day Challenge Pics since
I'm hoping to share those in separate posts : )

I'm always, always instagramming.

Happy to join in the link-up over at Life Rearranged.
Hop over and browse some more insta-goodness!

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Currently {v.83}

This week's Currently Journal Card...
Edited with A Beautiful Mess, Rhonna Designs & MaskingTape apps

a) Saw the first episode of the new season the other night...still need to read the last book.

b) Finally finished the Divergent series.  I wasn't a huge fan of book 3.  boo.  Anyhow - I'm pumping up with some non-fiction and jumping head first into the practice of mindfulness and how to teach it to children.  I mean, it's common sense to breathe to stay calm, and something we've been coaching our kids on as a result of special needs therapies...but this is coming at it from a slightly different angle.  I think it might help them "get it."  Reading the list of benefits had me sold on trying!

c) We play a little classical music in our school room on occasion.  With no drop-offs on the schedule, I don't hear my Pandora stations in the it's Mozart this week.

d) Little Man is schooling at home with us while his half-day program is on Spring Break.  So I've been hunting down and printing worksheets and pulling a bunch of learning tools together.  One was a laminated folder of letter sounds charts that he can reference as he's working through site word readers.  He's doing super here with us!

e) As a result of the above, I am feeling more and more certain of our homeschooling path to include him here with our older fact I'm feeling so certain about it that I think it's crazy to continue  forcing him to finish out the last month and a half of his current school program, which has been escalating his anxieties.  I'm not talking about "oh my kid is clingy and shy, tee-hee" I'm talking atomic meltdowns, aggression, locking himself in his room to avoid drop-off, signs of depression, and stressful tension that radiates to the rest of the family - the exact same things that his older brother began to show around the transition of kindergarten. The things that led his older brother to voice suicidal thoughts at age 6 and 7, plummeted us into a very dark few years, and landed us in multiple therapies.  We don't want to do that again.  Yes, each child is different, and it may not be that we are facing the same path...but with our past experiences, oy.  And if Little Man can thrive while schooling at home as he has been this week - more relaxed, joyful, confident, playful, cooperative, etc. - then why?  Why insist that he "finish what he started" and complete the rest of his program?  I wouldn't have considered giving my older two an out, but I'm on round three now.  I know my kids and I'm more confident in my mothering decisions.  Looking back, it's something I wish I had been certain enough to do with my oldest.  psst - I say "I," but it's really "we" because Mr. is half the team here. 

f) Getaway, get AWAY!  That's right!  Grandparents are coming to visit + Mr. has a work trip the same week = p e r f e c t timing for the Grands to have quality time (ha!) with their boys while I tag along to Nashville for three days.  I've never been away from them except for occasional single sleepovers at friends' houses.  Daddy travels and is missed and returns the magical parent showered with love...I want to be missed.  More importantly - hotel + no kids + no critters + no responsibility + Nashville.  It's a big fat YES.  I just wished my boys weren't so stressed about me being gone.  

g) Last night, while taking the dogs out at twilight, I saw a little group of fireflies in the budding tree branches.  Fireflies!  I thought that was a summer thing, not a spring thing.  We are in the south, but still.  I held my breath and watched them twinkle and fly and it was magnificent, like a special gift from nature just for me.

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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Currently {v.82}

This week's Currently Journal Card...
Edited with A Beautiful Mess & Rhonna Designs apps

a) The Americans is a spy show about a team of KGB agents, undercover as an American husband and wife, set in the Cold War period of the 80's.  Dang it's good.  We are inching our way through season 1.

b) More than halfway through Allegiant now, after re-reading Divergent and Insurgent.  Allegiant is written in a different way though, alternating chapters in first person view of the two main characters.  I'm wondering why there is such a major shift in approach on book 3, the final in the series...frankly it's bugging me.  But I still want to finish it and see what happens.

c) The Shins.  Have loved 'em since Garden State, which is one of my favorite movies and the soundtrack is the bomb-diggity.

d) This week I went way out of my comfort zone - found a nature-y homeschool group on meetup, joined, and went to my first park day.  It was actually pretty fantastic and we are planning on going back next week.  I'd like to write more about this, but that should be its own post.  I think it requires some explanation of our gradual shift from conservative/traditional to liberal/alternative, and boy that's a can of worms.  I told my Hubs that I wasn't sure if my Crunchy Factor was high enough to meld with this group, but by golly, I feel like these could be "my people."  Progressive church group, organic living choices, homeschooling...I'm finding myself on the fringe (compared to where I used to be that is).  All these misfit pieces that have been bumbling around are starting to come together.

e) ack I don't wannnnnna do any worrrrrrk of any kinnnnnnd.  Can't get going.

f) The above is a problem - because we made decisions to swap my studio/office space to the finished room in the basement, so that our homeschool classroom could stay on the main floor, and move out of the dining room.  There is a L-O-T of sorting and weeding-out and organizing and packing and moving and setting-up to be done to accomplish this.  And it's more than just tackling a big moving around rooms project, it has an emotional component for me - it's one more step in the setting-aside, for a time, my etsy work and regular blogging.  I've been dragging my feet and not actively and purposely finding a balance.  I know it will come... but I don't have it in me to figure it out yet.  In the meantime, this room change makes the most sense for our use of space and current homeschooling needs.  We're in this thing.  The decision for Little Man was finally made - to keep him home as well, when his current year is finished.  That is a whole 'nother blog post, too.

g) In the south, there is a brief between-seasons phase of being able to open the windows.  I mean before it's too hot and the a/c needs to be on 24/7.  That glorious time is now, folks.  Open windows!!!  Fresh air, listening to early morning birds and late night owls in the woods, and smelling the wondrous smell of the world growing into a new year.  Ahhh it's the B-E-S-T.

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