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Friday, April 18, 2014

InstaFriday {v.18}

My Week in Instagram...

Thoughts from the Screen Porch post,
and a happy discovery while cleaning...which promptly became my breakfast.

I had the pleasure of accompanying Mr. on a business trip to Nashville, without our posse.
 First day:  We set up the tradeshow booth, then walked the touristy street, 
went boot shopping, had ribs for dinner, listened to LOTS of live music, 
and ended the night at the Swingin' Door Saloon before heading back to our hotel.
Day Two was H-E-A-V-E-N:  Room service breakfast, posh hotel robe, jumping on the bed,
painted my nails, played on my phone, walked around the fancy hotel and Music Hall of Fame...

...saw Hatch Show Print, which I adored, visited the coffee shop, and browsed gift shops.
We ended the night with dinner out and bar-hopping to check out all the live music.

Day three:  I hung around Music City Center, enjoyed the architecture, helped pack up the booth,
and we headed home.  I had the best, best, BEST time getting away!  Nashville has a piece of my heart.

Homelife cont:
We surprised our Little Men with their own pairs of cowboy boots.  And they love them to bits!
Took a day to visit one of the gold mines in the north Georgia mountains, learned how to pan
for gold flakes, toured a mine, mined gems, and went to a cute little historic town for ice-cream.

Barely squeezed in some Easter prep.

A little reminder to myself with Rhonna Designs over a pic of a hoop I have on my wall,
my #onelittleword #jaimeesayslisten post, with a lovely quote found on pinterest
...and a fun Rhonna and Real Bokeh edit with a pic of my room service coffee : )

I left out my Photo-a-Day Challenge Pics since
I'm hoping to share those in separate posts : )

I'm always, always instagramming.

Happy to join in the link-up over at Life Rearranged.
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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Currently {v.84}

This week's Currently Journal Card...
Edited with A Beautiful Mess & Rhonna Designs apps

a)  City of Bones was on in the hotel while I was waiting for Mr. to be done with the tradeshow for the day.  So I watched it for a second time.

b) Downloaded "Tell the Wolves I'm Home" on my e-reader for the trip, but never ended up starting it.  Our company just left today, so I'm looking forward to reading at bedtime again.  This book has been on my to-read list for awhile!

c) Mr. has been playing Typhoon through his phone and I'm really liking it.  I'll be sharing one of their songs in a Listen Up post soon : )

d) Dyed our Easter eggs this morning!  That's all I've done/made.  I really fell off the Blogger Holiday Wagon since easing the blog into new content.  I normally would have several new projects, several idea round-ups, a mantel, and some treats to share....I guess that's in the back day now.  I very nearly skipped Easter altogether, but Little Man's eyes lit up with excitement about the Bunny coming.  So...crap.  The Bunny's coming.

e) Feeling HOPEFUL for an official full-family homeschool plan.  Little Man unenrolled from his half day program today.

f) Planning on attending the same Urban Stations of the Cross Easter event that we went to last year.  It was pretty incredible.  I shared about it here. I'm looking forward to doing it again.

g) Annnd lastly, loving my little cowboys kickin around in their new boots : )  Cutest EVER that they adore them so much.

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Friday, April 11, 2014

InstaFriday {v.18}

My Week in Instagram...
It's been a few, but I'm squeezing in some time for it today!

Big changes happened this past week for us - we swapped my studio/office space 
to the finished room in the basement, so that the school space could move onto the main floor.
 The right thing to do for our needs, but....honestly?  It was hard for me, 
to pack my creative things and etsy venture away for a future someday.

However, once the heavy work was done, our school room came together beautifully!
And we have all been really, really, enjoying our new space together.  
Here is a glimpse of my new computer/office area.

Homelife Cont.
Park Day included feeding squirrels out of our hand and skipping rocks in the pond.
And - lots of chess being played here lately.  Middle teaching Little, with a puppy audience.

We started a new unit this week - Life Cycles.  Getting a box of new curriculum makes us happy!

Little Man joined us this week in our new classroom.  It has gone very well!
Phonics Readers about Han Solo are always a win in my book,
block center in a peaceful morning window, rainbow writing site words,
and reading about life cycles of bean plants, apple trees, and butterflies.

My Monday #mybeautyis post was about being willing to try new things.
I found lovely and encouraging goodies in my studio as I was packing - 
a certificate of Pure Awesomeness and a You Are Adored doily.  I had to document them.
I also had a magical, girly moment while taking my posse on a walk at the community gardens - 
my shadow fit perfectly onto one of the huge hand-painted butterflies on the path near the butterfly garden : )

My weekly #onelittleword #jaimeesayslisten post was this fantastic quote from pinterest

I left out my Photo-a-Day Challenge Pics since
I'm hoping to share those in separate posts : )

I'm always, always instagramming.

Happy to join in the link-up over at Life Rearranged.
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