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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Toilet Paper Roll Pumpkins

My boys have made these at their preschool and I still get them out every year to decorate my mantle with for Halloween.  A fantasticly easy craft to do with little ones!

You need:  roll of toilet paper
                 big square of orange fabric
                 scrap strip of a green fabric
                 brown craft bag or lunch bag
                 some rafia

First, lay the toilet paper on top of the fabric, and then start pulling the fabric up and tucking it inside the tube.  Go all the way around until the roll is covered.

Then fold and twist your paper bag, which will become the pumpkin's stem.

Two ways to do the "leaves."  1) Fold the strip of green fabric in half lengthwise.  Then cradle it around your twisted paper bag "stem."  Or 2) Lay it over the top open, tucking in slightly, so that it becomes two leaves.

Finally, wrap some raffia loosely around the base of your "stem", and push it in the top.  Twisting gently helps secure it.  Presto pumpkins!


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