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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Stocking Stuffers - Mini Bow and Arrow Set

When I first saw this at Ucreate w/ Kids, I knew I would be making them in the future.  I do have three boys afterall.  I think this little craft is absolutely brilliant!  Check out the full tutorial for making the bow at The Brooding Hen.

I had my hubby make the bows for me, and he tested them out by pinging q-tip arrows over my head as I sat opposite him at the sewing machine.  These things work, and they work astoundingly well.  If you have boys (or even a husband, ha!), you should try it ; )

I chose a piece of felt for each of my boys and made a felt envelope case/bag/wristlet/whatever you want to call it, for their bow and arrow set.  These will be going in their stockings.

First, I cut a 5" strip off the piece of felt.
Fold two corners in to meet each other at the top and pin in place.  This will become the "flap".

Then fold the bottom up and pin along the sides.
I sewed at 1/4" from the edges around the top triangle, and straight across the bottom of where those two corners fold in.
Then I sewed at 1/4" down and around the rectangular envelope part so that it became a pocket.
I used sticky-back velcro and put little squares for closing/opening the flap.  I tried to sew these in place, but the adhesive ruined a needle on my machine.  So, if you are going to tack the velcro down with your machine, buy the kind that isn't sticky on the back!  Actually, the adhesive held incredibly well and it didn't need to be sewed down anyway.  Good for me, it made the project that much quicker!
I cut a long, skinny strip off the remaining piece of felt...
...folded it in half, and sewed the open end down on the right side as a loop to carry the case by.  In hindsight, I should have inserted this and pinned it in place before I sewed the bottom of the envelope, so that it was inserted in the seam and not sticking out on top.  But, I often am flying by the seat of my pants with my projects, so it didn't happen that way....and I was too lazy to rip part of the seam apart and re-do it ; )

For the arrows, I snagged a purse/travel pack of q-tips.  The sticker peels nicely off the front.  I snipped one of the cotton-y tips off of each one and repacked them in the tray.  This way, there is a hard case for the arrows and they aren't jumbled in there all willy-nilly and getting bent.

There is still room for the bow!

After the bows were made, I let them air dry overnight (you soak them in water first so they will bend a bit), and then took a fine-point sharpie and drew some decorative feathers, dots, and curls on the outer part.  I wrote each boy's name on the inside.  I can't wait to see their faces when they realize what these are!
Yes, I will have q-tips all over my house.  And yes, we will have to make rules (and go over them....and over them) about not aiming at people...but this project was just too good to pass up.  I hope it will be something they remember as totally awesome - 'cause it is!


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