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Friday, January 14, 2011

Coffee Filter Snowman

I love snowmen!  When I decided to make a Winter Mantel this week, I had to include a snowman.  I puttered around in my supply cabinet, and browsed many craft blogs (remember, we have been snowed/iced in all week, so I had to use what I could find here)...finally I came across this Coffee Filter Frosty at Sharing Creativity and Company.  I had coffee filters and fiberfill - *ding* we have a winner!

The tutorial for Frosty is great, but when I clicked on the reference for more detail on the gathering and tying the stuffed coffee filter, I fell in love with the stamping on the Coffee Filter Vintage Pumpkin.  So I included this in my version of Frosty.

First, as recommended, to keep the snowman from falling over, I put a round of cardstock in the bottom of the snowman's base.  Since I didn't even begin to know where to look for a washer in our house, I stuck a nickel on top instead.  Let's just say it cost me 5 cents to make this project ; ) I just used a loop of scotch tape for this.

Just a note - I had both natural and white coffee filters on hand, but chose the natural ones for this.

I dug around my long-abandoned scrapbooking tools (I have been stuck on my firstborn's five-month-old pages ever since I got pregnant with number two.  My oldest is now six and half....I wonder if I'm ever going to get Baby's First Year books done for my boys!)  The shining star was the only stamp I could find in my box that would work for this.  I found a brown ink pad, and then stamped the star all around over the inside of the coffee filter (the inside, because I wanted it to be muted).
Then, with a needle and thread, I basted 1/4" stitches all around the edge of the filter, about 1/4" in.  I gently pulled the threads to begin gathering the filter up into a ball shape.
Added some fiberfill, then gathered it up tight and tied a knot with the two ends of thread.
This was the bottom of my snowman.  For the body and head, I laid two more filters down and cut about an inch off each one, then another inch off the last for the smallest ball on top.  *Save these!

No need for the nickel or cardstock in these.  I just proceeded with stamping the inside, basting the gathering thread in, stuffing and knotting off...
Then I used my hot glue gun to glue the three together into a snowman shape.
Out of the corner of my eye, I could see the wavy cut-off edge of the filters leftover from making my tummy and head sections.  Perfect for a scarf, don't you think?  I folded the curved part over two times to make a flat section...
Then wrapped this flat part around the neck of my snowman, with a dot of hot glue where they came together.  I twisted this a little until it looked scarf-y.  I ended up trimming the ends at the fold.
I dug out a mini alphabet stamp set and used the letter "o" to stamp some "buttons" down the front of my snowman with the brown ink.
Then put on my boots and trekked into the front yard on a stick mission.  Some frozen branches were just laying there waiting for me!  I used them in a vase (more on that in another post), but broke off two small sections for snowman arms.  I had to snip a teeny hole to insert them, and twisted a little to get them firm into the fiberfill.  I skipped the face, because I thought surely my fine-point sharpie would bleed into a big splotch on the filter paper.

I love how this turned out.  LOVE it!  I had some extra white tulle from my Mantel Scarf and draped this along the back of my mantel.  I snuck an upside-down tupperware container under one part for some varied height, and this is where my snowman sits, cozied up to one of the pinecones I saved from my expired Christmas greens wreath, and the one leftover snowflake ornament from the Mantel Scarf.
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