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Friday, December 30, 2011

Things to Try - Fun New Years Ideas for Kids

If you haven't seen it yet, I started a New Years board on pinterest.  Some of those ideas I will share here, but there are a few more decor-type pins on there that are good for ideas, the paper pinwheels, metallic doily garlands, and sparkly pipe cleaner napkin rings!

Here are some ideas I've rounded up for celebrating New Years with kids...

Time Zone Swap
For little ones who want to ring in the new year with you, how about counting down to midnight with them - in an earlier time zone!  That way they can still celebrate, but be in bed by 10 and the grown ups can keep partying ; )  I saw one idea for this that had themed New Years' parties for the country/state of the time zone they were celebrating midnight with.  The decor and party food matched up with a location in that time zone.  How fun!

New Years Tree
I think this idea is great!  Take down your Christmas ornaments and decorate your tree for New Years Eve instead!  Kids would love getting to decorate the tree all over again.  This would be such a fun tradition!  Take off the Christmasy stuff and fill the tree with noisemakers, confetti bombs, balloons filled with fortunes or coins, party could fill in empty spots with metallic ball ornaments and ribbons.  By the time your celebrating is done, the tree will mostly be undecorated again as guests pull off a noisemaker or hat to party with.

 Did you know you can make your own balloon drop with cheapy plastic tablecloths??  How fun would this be?!  Kids would LOVE it!  Family Fun had no pic, but here's another one.
And one more, this one made of tulle.

Other fun things to do with balloons are put different things inside them before you blow them up.  How about jingle bells?  Really little ones would love batting around a jingly balloon.  Glow sticks are cool for some nighttime fun!  These would rock a family dance party in a dark living room.
You can also fill balloons with confetti and then pop them as party bombs (I know my boys would especially love this idea, ha!).

I love this idea, too - a balloon countdown to New Years, with an activity idea slipped into each one.  Some of the ones she used were:  paint with shaving cream, call Grandma and wish her Happy New Year, drink hot chocolate with marshmallows, tell a favorite memory from the year, have a dance party, play balloon volleyball...what a fun way to help kids pass all those hours of the day leading up to the big excitement!

Hourly Countdown Bags
Here is another great countdown idea - make bags for each hour, to be opened on the hour.  They could have activities or prizes inside.  If your idea was to have hot chocolate, put the hot chocolate right in the bag, maybe with some fun hot beverage cups.  Click the pics below to go to each source for more ideas.

This one even has free printable clock faces for each hour!

Make Some Noise!
I don't know why, but I had never heard of the tradition of banging pots at midnight until I was researching ideas for this post.  Kids would absolutely love this!  And how great would it be to pick up wooden spoons at the Dollar Store and let them make their own festive New Years Pot Banger?!  
This one is just a painted spoon with curly gift ribbons and jingle bells.
  Kids would also dig having a Bubble Wrap Stomp to make some joyful noise for the New Year!  You can get rolls of bubble wrap from $5-$20 and just roll it right out across the floor and let them go at it!
Here are a variety of noisemaker crafts - shaker boxes, bottles, and homemade tambourines.
1.  Kazoos out of TP tubes and waxed paper, from Make and Takes.
2.  Recycled Water Bottle Noisemaker, from Kiboomu.
3.  Paper Plate Shaker from Kiddie Crafts 365.
4.  Aluminum Pie Tin & Jingle Bell Shaker from GanzWorld.
5.  Festive TP Tube Shaker from Celebrations.
6.  Raisin Box & Jingle Bell Shakers from AlphaMom.

Leap into the New Year
This idea is fun, too - let your kids jump off the furniture to leap into the new year!  Little ones could hold your hand as they jump.  My boys would want to do this one over and over, relishing in the free pass of being able to jump off the furniture without getting in trouble ; )

Fun Food Ideas
Need some fun food ideas?  Here are a few I came across...

Make Your Own Mini Pizzas with a Topping Bar
Marshmallow & Fruit Kabobs - and write numbers on the marshmallows with edible markers
Mini Mac and Cheese Cups
Mini Hot Dogs or Pigs in a Blanket
Bite-sized Meatballs
Crunchy Veggies & Dip
Finger Sandwiches
Star-shaped Cheese with Crackers
Ice Cream Sundae Bar, with all the fixins!
and two festive and super fun ideas-

  Remember the Year Printables
I think these printable interviews for kids would make such a fun tradition for a New Years Memory Binder!  They are fill-in-the-blank forms to remember your child's favorites for the year.  
Click the pics to go to each source and you can print your own.
New Years Goals Printables
It's not too early to start talking to your kids about setting goals.  These printables make it easy!
Click the pics to go to the source and print your own!
 You could also make a simple one yourself by folding a paper in half and dividing into four sections.
Write the year down each section and one goal in each flap.


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