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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Exciting News

1)  Craft, Interrupted is on the brink of having 50 followers!  This is so exciting for me.  Really.  I appreciate each and every one!

2)  My Tooth Fairy Pocket made the list of finalists for the Best of February at Saturday Mornings!  Voting runs through March 4th, and you can vote every 24 hours.  Some goood stuff there, go check it out!

3)  Etsy news - I've been busy working on the owl baby toys and they are ready for listing this week.  I also made patterns for bears and bunnies, and have two boy bears halfway done.  New fabric combos for Scribblets are in, I shared pics on Craft, Interrupted's Facebook page.  Also, after posting pics of a custom, adjusted Scribblet for a friend, I have received more requests and am preparing to start a batch today for Etsy.  If you have a special request for any of these things, I would be happy to work with you on custom orders!  Just shoot me an email at

Thank you : )

My First Softie Doll

I spontaneously whipped this up yesterday afternoon, after a last-minute birthday party invite for a friend's daughter.  I've been drooling over softie dolls on-line for months and was excited to finally attempt my own.  I'm pleased as punch with the results : )

I started with this pattern for a simple rag doll from Make Baby Stuff.  This is one of the patterns I linked in my Crafting for Charity page.  I ended up making the head smaller, and shortening the length of the arms and legs by about an inch and a half.  Due to printer issues, I couldn't print out the body pattern and just winged it, making sure the neck matched the width of the head piece.  I added 1/4" when I was cutting them out.

I used some sparkly fabric my mom had sent me, and some matching pink corduroy, adding a little detail placket and button on the chest.  I added ruffle sleeves as well.  The arms ended up being a tad uneven, so I'll need to pay better attention to that next time.  Not having to get up from the machine every 90 seconds to break up bickering children might help with that....the hubby who made dinner for us did help though ; )

Instead of yarn hair, I used brown fleece and did decorative stitching on top of it, then two little loopy pigtails with ribbons.  I hand embroidered the face with matching brown floss.  She's so cute!  I hope our little friend likes her!

Close up of the hair...
 My Craft, Interrupted tag is at the bottom of the dress : )

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Tooth Fairy Pocket

My oldest lost his first tooth.  Well, it was more complicated than that - it had to be extracted, because the adult tooth was coming up behind it and not letting it fall out.  This was a big ordeal, because not only was it the first baby tooth to come out, it was also the first dental procedure requiring shots...also, this happened to be my sensory disorder child with the oral hypersensitivities and anxiety issues.  It was stressful.

Since this tooth was coming out "by appointment," I had a definite deadline to get all Tooth Fairy business in order.  To ease my nerves the morning of the appointment, I spent some time crafting up a little Tooth Fairy Pocket for my son to hang on his doorknob.

I found this tutorial with a free pattern, super cute, from Crafty Carnival.  For some reason, I was having printer issues and couldn't print the pattern.  I ended up adjusting the percentage size of what was visible on the screen, so that it fit the pocket I was using, held my white felt up to the screen, and traced the tooth shape and face onto my felt.  It worked!  Ha!

Anyway, I had pulled this denim toddler shirt out of the donation box awhile back, and used part of it to patch a pair of my boys' jeans.  I saw it in my stash and got the great idea for cutting the pocket off the chest to use as the Tooth Fairy Pocket.  So cute!

So I had my felt tooth shape, embroidered the eyes and mouth on with black floss, then used heat n' bond to iron it on to the front of the pocket.  I ironed on two little red, felt "cheeks," too.

Then I used some scraps of rainbow-striped fabric to make a strip across the top and for the back.  I sewed in a loop of grosgrain ribbon as a hanger on the top.

I layered all of this with a piece of high-loft quilt batting, and sewed at 1/4", leaving a 2" gap to turn it right-side out.  Then I folded under the opening and did two rounds of top stitching.  It's slightly pillow-y, but hangs on the doorknob, all bright and happy : )

 The back...
The pocket, where the Tooth Fairy will leave her goods....
I'm going to print off a wallet-sized tooth fairy certificate, write my son's name and the date on the blank lines, laminate it with clear contact paper, and stick it in the pocket with two gold dollar coins.  I can't wait to see his face in the morning!!

He did super for the extraction, by the way : )
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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Valentine Bags & Felt Candy Pockets

I saw this super cute valentine bag earlier this week, at Little Birdie Secrets, and knew I needed to copy it somehow to decorate bags for my boys' valentines.  So simple and fun, just use papers and trims and various other scrapbook supplies, to cover one side of a plain, brown paper bag.

The bags I had already purchased were the small gift bag kind, with the two twine-y handles.  I also had picked up a sheet of 3-dimensional stickers at the Discount Dollar.

I looked up some Valentine robot sayings on-line (to match the stickers), and printed them in a fun font in red ink.  Then I chose a variety of papers from my scrapbook stash.  I didn't end up using all the ones in this pic, because it was overwhelming the bag.  Ha!  You have to know when to reign it in sometimes, hm?
I trimmed all the papers to the same width as the bag.  Then after about thirty minutes cutting and pasting, plus stickers, some cardstock heart punches, leftover heart doilies, and a few touches of glitter....this is what I ended up with.  They all match, but are slightly different.  I left about an inch of brown paper bag on top and bottom.

In hindsight, I wish I would have put their name first instead of in the middle, but since I was winging it, I didn't think of the grammatical issues till after the fact.  Oh well.  I still think they came out cute : )
You can see in this next photo how it is just the front of the bag that is decorated.
Today, I decided to make some felt heart candy pockets to hold some of the chocolates I bought to put in these valentine bags.  Otherwise, it was all going to get lost in the tissue paper in the bottom.  I started with felt, and a large heart-shaped cookie cutter.  I ended up using only one sheet of felt per color, and got 6 candy pockets, but it would probably depend on the size of the template you use.
Trace and cut, front and back for each pocket.
I saw then, that I was going to need some sort of overhang for the opening.  Since I had already cut all the hearts the same size, I dug out some red grosgrain ribbon and sewed a strip down each pink heart, right up near where the center dips down at the top.  I did a straight stitch close to the edge, maybe 1/8".
I trimmed the ribbon to the edge of the heart shape.
Then turned it over, and cut across the back, close to the stitch line.
I matched up the point of the pink heart to the point of a red heart and pinned in place.
Then I matched up the top portion and pinned it in place.  Where you cut it into two will be hidden underneath the overhang of the ribbon.
Then I sewed about about 1/4" all around the edge.  No need to leave an open spot, just go completely around.  I went back and also zig-zagged all around the outside edge, too.  Done!
Look, there are three chocolate heart candies inside.
I had two kinds of chocolates, so I made two heart pockets for each of my boys, and fit three candies in each one.  Oh just room for three?  That means there's some left for you know who ; )

The finished bags have two felt heart candy pockets, a box of conversation hearts, and...a turtle.  Because everyone needs a turtle for Valentine's Day!  Kidding.  My oldest got a wooden snake and my youngest got a small board book (all courtesy of the Dollar Discount).  I also threw in some heart lollies leftover from doing up school valentines for classmates.  No need for a separate card - the front of the bag is the valentine itself!
I hope they like them.  I do!

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Friday, February 11, 2011

Memory Valentines

When my middle child was in his first year of preschool, his teacher had the parents decorate a large paper heart as a valentine to be displayed in the classroom.  I ended up making a matching one for my older child, even though he wasn't in the same class.  These valentine hearts have been pinned on the corkboard in my kitchen ever since 2009!  I love them.  I love looking at the photos.  I love the big red heart, the shiny stickers, all of it.  This year, I got to complete my set, because my youngest is now in that same preschool class that traditionally makes these sweet valentines.

They are very simple to do.  You start with a large heart cut out of red cardstock paper.  We had free reign with decoration, but I ended up making all of my boys' valentines the same way.   I went back through my many, many folders of digital photos, and chose one or two photos from past Februaries, starting with their first February and working up to the current year.  I lucked out that I happened to find a photo of me with one or more of my boys, taken in February.  So I put these in, too, the Mommy and Me shot!  If there wasn't one from past Februaries, then I made that the current February photo by taking a new one to include in the valentine.

I printed these wallet size or smaller, black and white, on plain printer paper.  Now that I have a set of three though, I'd like to go back and redo them with actual photo paper, and upgrade them to some really nice keepsakes that I can get out and hang up each February as valentine decorations.

I used - the cardstock heart, the photos printed on paper, heart/valentine stickers, and alphabet stickers.
First, I trimmed the photos as close as possible, and arranged them chronologically from earliest year in the top left corner of the heart, going down, and ending with the current year in the top right.  I overlapped corners here and there, and made sure to leave enough room for alphabet stickers for the name going vertically (with room to the right for writing!).
I used a fine-point sharpie to write "February" top left, and then the different years next to the photos.

Then I looked through ABC Scrapbook lists to get ideas for acrostics for each letter of their name.

Lastly, I wrote "Will you be my valentine?" somewhere on there, too.
Then I used this Versa Marker pen - love this thing! - to go over top of the "February" and "Will you be my valentine?", and then add some swirlies and dots around the corners of the photos.  The Versa Marker makes the paper darker, like a watermark almost.
I ended with some shiny foil valentine stickers here and there at the corners of the photos or to fill space.  Done!  I would love to have these three hanging on a wide ribbon going down the backs, the hearts sort of stacked in a row with the tail of ribbon coming off the bottom and a loop or bow to hang it from the top one (like I did my "Love" Valentine Hanging).

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