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Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year's Eve - Craft, Interrupted Style

We had plans fall through for New Year's, and then ended up gathering two other couples from the neighborhood who also had plans fall through.  Texts started making the rounds for who was bringing what, and before I knew it we had a party brewing!  I told Hubby it just didn't feel partyish without some decorations, so at 3:00 yesterday I was making a quick Dollar Tree run for anything I could find that would make the place more festive.

At the Dollar Tree, I got:
  • shiny gold and shiny white curly gift ribbon
  • 2 packs of gold and silver mardi gras plastic bead necklaces
  • gold and silver star wire garlands
  • 3 rolls of 6 foot bubble wrap & 3 cans of silly string (for my boys)
I swung through Walmart after that and got:
  • 97 cent bags of white, silver, and gold balloons
and then a few superclearance Christmas items (score!):
  • silver glittered pinecone picks
  • plastic gold icicle ornaments
  • one silver tinsel garland
  • white pipe cleaners
Added to all this was a freebie New Year's party printable set from TomKat Studio.

I made us a New Year's Tree...
mardi gras beads made into garland
star wire garland
the pine cone pics
the icicle ornaments
a few balloons
and cupcake toppers made into ornaments

Here it is lit up for our party.  I would have preferred white lights, but the boys' tree already had colored on it.

I decorated the mantel with the free printable banner and long curls of shiny gift ribbon.  Then I coiled some gold star garland in there, too.

We got a cracklin' fire going to make it cozy.
I also decorated the wall of windows by our kitchen table, with the tinsel garland, balloons, more cupcake toppers made into ornaments, another printable banner (2012), star wire garland, and strings of plastic beads...

Our kitchen island became the food spread, with a leftover piece of star garland, two remaining plastic bead necklaces, and a few silver ball ornaments.  I folded two cupcake toppers in half to make little signs.
We had Buffalo Chicken Dip, Artichoke Dip & Chili Dip, all with nachos, fritos, and crackers, plus sliced sausage, grapes and carrots, and a tray of homemade fudge, toffee, peanut brittle and peppermint bark.  Later Hubby made up some Ham & Swiss Croissant Roll-Ups.  We all skipped dinner and then ate good ; )

Can't forget the bar.  This is what our counter looked like by the end of the night, lots of dirty glasses and empty wine, beer and champagne bottles!
We had the best time, chatting, laughing, playing cards, telling stories, hugging, and toasting the New Year!

My boys had hit the wall and were in bickering meltdown mode going on two weeks of school break with holiday madness.  Early in the evening, I let them go at it with silly string in the driveway, then we "Leaped Into the New Year" by jumping off the ottoman, did a Bubble Wrap Stomp to make some celebratory noise for the New Year, and filled out these printable Remember the Year/Goals for the New Year pages.  Then we put them to bed and partied with the grown-ups ; )

Hope you all had a marvelous New Year's Eve, too!


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