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Monday, February 20, 2012

Baby Shower Continued ~ Pinwheels, Poms & Printables

Before we were interrupted by Valentine's Day, I had started sharing with you the work I had done on a baby shower....


Let's continue where we left off, shall we?  I think I told you that by this time, I had been possessed by some super powered craft fiend and taken over the role of decorator for the shower  was on a roll and kept on crafting as my friend graciously cheered on my creative efforts ; )

Paper Pinwheels & Tissue Poms
I had purchased extra sheets of paper for the centerpieces and used those to make paper fan/pinwheel things to hang.  Each one has three sheets of paper, folded accordion-style, then in half, and glued together on the ends to make a circle.  Confused?  See this.  Only she used two papers and I used three.  Two would have worked better for the smaller ones though.

Here they are all grouped together.  These are pinterest-inspired. 
We ended up hanging a few from each window, along with some tissue paper poms.

For the poms,
I just accordion-folded the entire pack of tissue, all the sheets together in a stack, then trimmed the folded pieces into three or four shorter sections, tied each section at the center, added a hanging ribbon, then fluffed.  Similar to this.  Our poms were tricky to fluff though, and I wonder if I used too many sheets of tissue together?  The smaller the pom, the more difficult it was to fluff out.    

This is a great tutorial for making beautifully round ones with tissue flowers and a styrofoam ball.  I've also read you can make tissue poms out of cheap plastic tablecloths, too.  More on that is coming soon in another post on all the things you can do with $1 plastic party tablecloths!

Here is a peek at how my pinwheels and poms looked hanging in the windows at the shower.  It was tricky to get decent photos of this, because of all the sunshine coming in the windows.  I made dark brown, light brown, and light blue poms.  Four $1 packs of tissue paper.

Printable Party Set
All of this started when I suggested to my co-decorator that we find a set of free party printables for baby showers and use that as our springboard for the decor.  Party printables are the bomb!  You can find banners, cupcake toppers, drink flags, table tents, favor tags...right down to thank you notes & invites!  And many themes can be found as free downloads.

My plan to was find our set of printables, then make a supply list with coordinating streamers, balloons and such, and we would pretty much be set.  However, after hours of searching for the perfect (free) set, I ended up making my own.  The rest of the party quickly exploded past boring ol' streamers and balloons, as you can see ; )

I used My Memories to make a banner...

and matching toppers (like for cupcakes) that I glued to bamboo skewers and poked into various dishes on the buffet table.  I also made a few extra pages of the banner, without the letter added, to print off as table tents for writing the name of different food dishes.  I have blocked out the baby's name here...and these photos, heavens, they are horrible.  I really need to put better lighting in my studio!

I changed the baby's name to "Baby Boy!" on this set and you can see it much better here...

Come back and see how this all came together on the big day!
Stay tuned for a baby shower giveaway!


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