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Monday, February 13, 2012

Sock Cupcake Teacher Valentine & Printable Tag

I saw this last week and added it to my Valentine's Day pinboard.  The tutorial is at Seven Thirty Three.

I decided last-minute ('cause that's how I roll) to whip up a set of these sock cupcakes for my boys' teachers for Valentine's Day.  They went together quick and easy, and were really fun!  I even used her little poem for the tag, because it was perfect!  Thanks so much for sharing that Kim!

The longest part of this project was making up the poem tag in My Memories.  But lucky for you, I'm going to share it here so all you have to do is print : )

I hunted down fuzzy socks, and scored five pair on clearance for $1.50 each.  The paper for the wrapper, pom pom on top, and everything else I already had at home.  A cute and unique teacher valentine for $1.50 - can't beat it!

I used these socks...and was even able to incorporate that white satin ribbon that came on the tag!
I clipped all the tags off, except the one holding the two toes together.  I uncuffed the top as much as possible (they were sewn down), and started rolling from the cuff to the toe.  It took several minutes of rolling and unrolling to figure out what would work best, and this was it.

Then I put an elastic hair band around to hold it.
 I have tons of these in different colors from the Dollar Tree, and use them for etsy art wallets.

Then I chose some patterned scrapbook paper from my stash, and made a cupcake wrapper template.  I used a plastic cup and traced the bottom as I rolled it across the paper.  Hard to explain.  I found a printable template here that you could use.  If this is too small for sock cupcakes, just cut 1/4 - 1/2" outside the lines.  I trimmed along the top edges with scalloped scissors.
Wrap it around and secure the two ends with hot glue.  Just like in Kim's tutorial.
I then tacked the center of the white ribbon to the back of the cupcake wrapper with a dot of hot glue, and tied it back into a bow in the front.  I put another dot of hot glue under the knot to secure it, and trimmed the ends of the ribbons in a V-shape.

Topped off with a white pom-pom snuggled in between the rolls.  Can you believe - that's all there is to it!?  I told you it was quick and easy!  I had five of these done in no time flat.

I wrapped each of them with a big piece of saran wrap tied on top with curly gift ribbon, to look like cellophane.  Then I made up the tags, had my little people sign their names, punched a hole, and tied them on!

Love it!  And here is the tag if you want to make some, too.  
I printed them as 3x5 photos, on cardstock, and trimmed the edges down.

Thanks again to Kim at Seven Thirty Three for the inspiration and awesome little poem!  
It's not too late to whip up some cupcakes for your teachers : )

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