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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Steak & Ale Valentine for the Mr. ~ with Free Printables!

I saw this Dude Valentine on One Tough Mother last week and thought it was pretty clever.  It was in the back of my mind...then I looked at it again this morning and shared it on Craft, Interrupted's Facebook page.  If you haven't joined us there, please do!  I share lots of ideas on the facebook page that I don't here on the actual blog.  You can find the link in the Followers section of the sidebar.

I was having a kid-free morning, and lazing with my laptop to recover from lots of extra Mom Duty while the Hubs has been travelling for work...but I couldn't help myself.  Craft addict?  Yes.  I went on a grocery run, and came home with a 6-pack of ale and 2 pre-seasoned steaks...with chipotle sweet potato fries, asparagus, and a pear gorgonzola salad mix to go with it.  The kidlets will be having strawberry yogurt, fresh fruit, and heart pancakes for dinner : )

Anyhoo, instead of just covering my 6-pack with paper, I decided to make printable wrappers for it with My Memories.  Fun!  Corny?  You bet.  But fun!
I used regular printer paper to print my set, then trimmed them and hot glued them on to the box and over the label on each bottle.  
There was an inch or so strip on the sides where the front and back wrapper didn't meet on the box, but I had trimmed scraps that I used to fill in.  I also put one across the handle area, then added a lil' curly gift ribbon around the bottles on the front row.

The box says:
Some Brown Ale for My Favorite Male
Happy Valentine's Day!

I went with brown ale, because that's what I bought.  It's actually called "Georgia Brown," and was the local brewery 
recommendation of the wine dept. clerk, to go nicely with steaks.  
In the printable, I changed it to pale ale. 

The bottle wrappers say:
You make my heart "hops!"
I love you "beer-y" much!
You are "malt-y" fine!
If you think this is dumb, just keep that to yourself.  Ha!  
I used this post for inspiration, and came up with the rest myself.

Then I made a matching one to wrap around the pack of steaks.

I threw in a ziplock baggie of peanut-butter filled chocolate lips, with construction paper and scraps as a topper.  By this time I was nearly late to pick up Little Man from preschool, so I just scratched some x's and o's on there and called it done.

Do you need a Steak & Ale Valentine?
Here you go...

Beer Bottle Wrappers
6-Pack Box Cover
Front & Back

Steak Pack Wrapper

If you use these, please shoot me a "hey" in the comments!  I'd love to hear from you : )

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