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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Plastic Tablecloth Poms!

My post on creative ways to use cheap plastic party tablecloths is one of my most popular.  If you missed it, you can find it here, and see how these disposable table covers can be made into backdrops, swags, banners, chair covers, shaped into table runners, cut into streamers...and something I've been waiting for an opportunity to try - party poms!

I made some poms out of tissue paper for the Blue & Brown Baby Shower.  And while they did look nice, they were kind of a hassle to fluff out.  The tissue paper is thin and tears easily, and it took quite a bit of time to get several of them opened up.  Plus, my poms came out more egg-shaped than nice and round.  Well then I came across the idea to use these plastic tablecloths to make the poms!  Genius!!

I tried it.  And I have to say - it was SO much easier!  And faster!  AND cheaper?!  I know what I'm making my poms out of from now on ; )  Let me show you...

You can buy these plastic tablecloths for as low as 97 cents each (depending on where you go), and find them in a boatload of colors.  All you need is a tablecloth (or two), scissors, and string or ribbon.

I took one table cover, opened it partway 
and cut it in half at the center fold.
I did this with two separate ones,
so that I'd have two colors of poms,
and still have the other halves leftover to 
cover tables with.

I took the half, and cut that into thirds.
Measuring is not necessary - just eyeball it!

These pieces were only partially unfolded at the start,
so you have to find the sides that still have a fold,
and slide your scissors through those creases
to make a stack of separate layers.

For the red ones, I had four layers in each stack.
I had unfolded and cut the first round differently
and ended up with six layers, but it didn't make as
many poms.  Not a noticeable difference in their fullness
either, so this method is the quickest and easiest.

A Tip
Cut your string before you do the accordion folds.

Because of the slippery nature of the material, 
you have to keep one hand on it till it is tied.
Make your string long for hanging!

The third-size sections of the half-tablecloth (confusing?)
are very manageable to fold, but a little too large for
just one pom.  I cut mine in half.

A Tip
For slight variation in the size of your finished pom,
start your accordion fold on the long end of your 
stack of layers for some, and on the short end for others.
This is how I got both small and medium poms.

Tie both sections in the center with your length of string.

Use your scissors to shape the ends, either rounded or pointed.

Now the fun part!
Spread out one side...

...then separate the four layers down to the center.
This is the part that is time-consuming and tricky with tissue paper.
I could not believe how quick and easy it was with the 
plastic tablecloth!!  Seriously.
I don't think I'll ever make them with tissue paper again ; )

That's it!

Like I said, I made poms in two colors,
from two half-pieces of tablecloths.
And I still have the other halves to cover tables with.
I got 10 poms out of those!
Made the whole lot in less than half an hour, too.

Not only are they nice and fluffy,
the material won't crush the way tissue would.
This means you can store them and use them again!
Also, the material is great for outdoor parties,
because it won't matter if it gets wet.
The assembly time to make them is considerably shorter.
If that's not enough, take the price comparison -

Ten poms out of $1 worth of plastic tablecloth 
ten poms out of $5 (or more)  worth of colored tissue paper packs

Do I have to say any more?
Try it!
I bet you'll love them as much as I do : )


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