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Monday, May 7, 2012

Ninja Party Headbands

The Ninjago party is fast approaching!  
My week will be busy with preparations.
I do have a few things to show you before the party though -
first being, the personalized ninja headbands for our partygoers!
These headbands were super easy to make and will be FUN for the kids.

Check it out

This is probably the most corny photo collage ever to be shared 
on Craft, Interrupted ; )  I'm getting to know PicMonkey, which 
is my replacement for Picnik.  Some good stuff on there.

I'm going to show you how I made these, in case YOU need
some personalized ninja headbands (doesn't everyone?)

I used a remnant of white-ish cotton fabric from my stash.
This was a print of off-white on a white background, but I 
just used the backside and you don't notice the pattern at all.
I'm all for using what you have and making it work!
My remnant was about 35" long, which was perfect.
I trimmed it into strips, 4 1/2" wide each.

I made a works document with each of our guests' names,
in a large, Asian-style font.  I used a free one called "Japonesa" from  
DaFont is really easy to use, and you can search
for tons of font styles! 

Once you have your document with the names how big you want them
(I think I used all caps and set it to 90 for this), print the page,
and grab a sharpie and your fabric strips.  I also used a super fine point,
permanent scrapbook pen to trace with.

Find the center of your fabric strip, and center this horizontally on the text.
*Before you trace - this headband will be folded in half lengthwise 
and sewn, so the name needs to be centered vertically on half the width.
Mine were about 3/4" up from the bottom edge.

I just laid the fabric on top and traced the outline of the letters,
now and then peeling the cloth back to see parts that weren't as clear.

Then I used my regular sharpie to fill in the letters.  
You may want to test this first on a scrap, because in my 
experience, some fabrics bleed much more than others!  I tried to do quick, 
light strokes to prevent the ink from spreading and looking too fuzzy.
Also - make sure you have a paper underneath, because the ink 
will go through in a few spots.  You don't want sharpie on your kitchen table ; )

Now fold the strip in half so that the name is on the inside.

Sew down that long edge at 1/4"

You will have a bunch of long, skinny tubes of fabric that need turned out.
This can be tedious.  But I learned a trick that makes it fast and easy!

Take a pencil with a fresh eraser.

Fold one end of the fabric tube in on itself about an inch or so.

Now stick the eraser end of the pencil in on the fold of fabric.
Not through the center into the hole, but on the bunched up edge.
The eraser will hold the fabric and help you push through.

Holding the pencil on one hand, start bunching up the cloth onto the pencil.

Keep bunching till the eraser end starts to come out the opposite end,
which is through the center of the tube.

Now grab the eraser end and with your other hand, slide the bunch of 
fabric downward.  It will turn itself right side out as you slide it down.
And the pencil comes right out the top.

Hold the cloth and run your hand down the bunched fabric to the end.
That's it!  It's SO fast and easy!  I turned the whole pile out in just a few minutes.

Now all you have to do is iron your headbands.
The ends can be left open and frayed (my personal choice),
or you could tuck them in a half inch, press, and topstitch closed.

These are easy and cheap to make!
I can't wait to see our Ninjago partygoers doing their 
training course with  these on : )

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