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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Ninja Photo Booth

gave me the idea of hold-up props for a 
photo booth-style activity at our Ninjago Party.

I then created printable ninja photo props,
and shared them here, along with how I made
a sketched-looking pagoda backdrop by printing
free clipart in large scale on my home computer.

I mentioned in that post that I didn't have the means
to set up a "true" Photo Booth - with the laptop, 
webcam, remote, photo printer, etc.

What I did was set up a digital camera on a tripod.
I played with it to get the distance and height
to match up with a stool and my background
(tacked onto a wall in my kitchen).
I chose a spot next to windows for good
natural light, so I could get photos without flash.

Photo props were set on a small table,
that I draped with a section of plastic party tablecloth.
I put the props, which I had printed, cut out, and taped to 
bamboo skewers, into two tall glasses.  
I added a table tent sign, and a notepad and pen,
for our guests to leave their email addresses.
*In hindsight, this wasn't the best approach,
because some guests did not have a parent
chaperone along.  In the future, I may just create
a printable card to include in the favor box, about
sending email addresses to me to receive the photos.

This sign hung above the backdrop.

Here is what the "Booth" looked like,
backdrop and stool on the left wall,
props on the table by the window,
camera set up on a tripod and tested
for correct placement before the party.

As you can see, this did not require a lot of space,
or a lot of fancy equipment!
The props were made with just a few printouts.

SO.  FUN!!!
I just stood by the camera and started the timer
to run a few shots in a row each time.  For a few
rounds I just clicked the shot myself every few seconds.
Everyone got through their session in under a minute.

Check it out!

I did some simple editing of the photos after the party -
uploading them all to Picasa, cropping them all
the same size (as close as possible, by using the edges
of the backdrop and the top of an outlet cover as guides).
Then I added a few effects at 50%
First Vignette, then Cross Process, then Film Grain.

I saved all the edited versions to my desktop,
then opened a new album in My Memories.
I chose a black polka dot background,
and played with the opacity to make it grey.
Then I added black rectangles as photo mats,
and added each photo, sizing them the same
and spacing them in a row.
I added a title box to each guest's page.

I got permission to share a bunch of them : )
I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

This girl was a photo booth PRO.
Love her!
The gimme-whatcha-got post on the right cracks me up!

These last three sets are me and my boys.
Little Man wouldn't do it by himself, so we teamed up.

This was memorable.
Easy to set-up.
Easy to operate,
and absolute FUN to do!

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  1. My sons LOVE ninjas!!!! Can't wait to do this. Thanks for the share.

  2. Ah!! I was waiting to see how it turned out and it is AWESOME!! I love it!!


  3. This AWESOME!! How did you do the tent cards? Esp the border around it?

  4. What a great ninja-ideas!! Thank you!!!
    We've just had an astronautparty for our other son and yet, 10 days later my eldest do have a ninjago-party. And while the other one was so decorated, I was looking for some stuff to make this day also special.... thanks!
    Another mum with 3 young kids from Davos

  5. My son (also named Jacob) was just telling me that he'd like a ninjago party, and I came across your blog. It looks fantastic! I've wanted to do a photo booth and most set ups seemed too complicated, but sharing how you did yours inspires me to give it a try. Thanks!

  6. My little man is turning 7 in a few weeks and wants a Ninjago party - thank you for being a life saver :)

  7. gonna do this with our beat up old iBook using photo booth...where'd you find the pagoda pick?

  8. Where did you get the backdrop for the photo booth? Thanks!

  9. Can any one please help me! I really don't know how to print these out and my sons birthday party is coming up and would love to have this for that day. Please help, how do I print them out? Thanks!

    1. Hi Nancy! If you click on the image you want to print, it will open it in a new window at a larger pixel size. Then right-click on the image and "save as" to your desktop where you can find it easily. Once you have it, you can print it full-page from your computer. If you are still having trouble, I could try emailing the file to you. Just let me know : )


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