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Monday, May 21, 2012

Ninjago / Ninja Birthday Party

Finally, the reveal of the big day!  I've been posting and posting all my party planning, preparation, games / activities, I can show you our actual party!  I will link back to the original posts throughout.  There are printables and tutorials in case you have a Ninjago / Ninja party up your sleeves.  Enjoy!

Warning - this is a MEGA post of photos.
Even after eight Ninja Party-related posts, I still
have an elephant tonnage to show you.
I tried to combine photos into some collages,
but still.
Grab a chair.

On the front porch...
Remember the paper globes I made for the
I made more, but with $1 packs of dessert plates.
Same assembly, just quicker with a few staples per side,
and faster, because there are no tracing and cutting circles!
I thought they looked cool on the front porch.

On the front door...
What has become the "Party Wreath,"
that I have been redecorating to coordinate with
different parties and events that I do.
I do it up with party supplies that match our event,
holding everything on the back with straight pins.
It is easily dismantled afterward, so I can use
the straw wreath form again and again.

In the foyer...
I created some ninja house decor with
and hung them from our second story railing.
*This pic was not taken on party day.
That shelf on the right was decorated as the Favor Table,
as you will see below.

A close-up, showing the Ninjago character party circles.

The Favor Table...
I cut a plastic tablecloth runner to cover the shelf,
made a paper chain to drape over the mirror,
and made Take out boxes full of Ninja party fun!
For more on the handmade favors inside, see this post.

Our guests also received personalized ninja headbands.
You can see how I made those here.
I hung them over the railing at the bottom of the stairs.

Party Activities, Inside...
This same room had two round tables covered with
red party tablecloths and set up with activities.
I had folded white paper ninja stars beforehand,
that the kids decorated themselves during the party.
The other table had a fun code activity where
the kids used a chart to transform each letter of their
name to reveal their Ninja Identity.  So funny!

I found that Ninja name code online somewhere, saved the image and
made it into printables to match our party.  Then I rolled them up
as scrolls and put them in a bin.  The tins for crayons and pencils were
Dollar Tree finds leftover from our recent Picnic Party.

Those signs on the tables were more printables that I
made, with content from a ninja website.  They are 
lists of silly "facts", ninja wisdom and etiquette.
Stuff boys love, like how powerful ninja farts are
and that you should never store ninja stars in your underwear ; )

I made stands for them by folding a few extra dessert plates in half,
hot gluing the vertical half to the back of the cardstock sign,
and then supporting with a bent craft stick hot glued to the plate.

We played Pin the Beard on Sensei Wu!
You can read how I made this game here.
I taped the game to the back of our front door,
with a tv tray next to it holding the game supplies.

Outside Activities...
We then did target practice with their ninja stars.
You can see how I made the shooting gallery here,
from empty Pringle cans, toilet paper tubes, and two scrap 
boards.  We balanced plastic ball pit balls on top.
This was placed on a card table that was also part of 
our backyard ninja training obstacle course.
The main event was the Ninja Training Obstacle Course.
I made a banner to hang outside that matched
my other party printables.  My awesome Hubs got into
 this one and helped me create a web of clothesline to climb through,
 a tightrope to cross between two trees, a see-saw plank, and 
a grid of string to step through (think tires laid flat).  
We also made a balloon crawl by tying a boatload of balloons 
onto all four legs of a card table, and some pool noodle hurdles by 
pushing chopsticks into the ground and simply bending the 
end of the noodle over top.
This was REALLY fun!

Here's a view from the deck as we were setting it up.
*That plank-looking thing in center was for balance beam 
samurai sword fights (whoever steps off first loses),
but we ended up skipping that one because our birthday
boy had a stomach ache in the middle of his party.
It's just a 2x4 raised up on a few pieces of scrap wood
and screwed together.  The "swords" were shortened
pool noodles with a section of PVC pipe stuffed in the end 
for a handle to hang onto.

Here are our ninjas, gathered and listening to the rules.

We let the kids go one at a time and timed them.
The average was 55 seconds!  
They were so fast, my pics were blurry ; )
Many of them wanted to try it more than once.

If you look closely, you can see how the Hubs used plant stakes to 
construct a raised grid of crossing strings below.  It was about a foot 
off the ground.  They had to step over the strings into the different 
open spaces to get to the end.

Ninjas need sustenance!
Inside, our living room and kitchen were decorated
with more stenciled napkin banners and paper lanterns,
as well as a printable birthday banner from my party set.

We served fresh fruit, whole grain chips & juice.

And a few platters of Fushi!
This was a big hit : )

Birthday Boy still requested a cake, so I made
a simple two-layer square cake with chocolate
icing.  Minimally decorated, with leftover fruit
twizzlers from the Fushi platters.  On top, however,
I made this 3d paper pagoda, which was a free
Took some time to assemble, but it was worth it!
I inserted bamboo skewers into the four base corners,
and then just poked it into the top of the cake.

It's a good thing I had this, because the cake itself
turned out to be a bust that completely crumbled
apart.  I made it last, a mere hour before the party.
Won't do that again!  It would have been very sad 
indeed had it not been for this paper pagoda topper ; )

Apparently, I spaced on cake candles, too.
We were digging through cupboards while all
the kids waited at the table for cake.  Doh.
Had to make do with a big 6 candle + two skinnies.
LAST but not least - 
our guests were invited to participate in a
Ninja Photo Booth before they left.
You can see this post for more on that,
including free printables and set-up.
The pics turned out fantastic, and I got permission
to share a bunch of them on the blog.  Check out
that post to see more.  So fun!!

And THAT, my friends, is how you throw a Ninja Party!

We had attempted to get someone to arrive in costume
to instruct the kids on a few basic kick and punch moves.
But that didn't work out.

I also thought of doing a chopstick challenge, picking
up wood beads or something.  As you can see though,
we had a lot goin' on (and we even skipped one activity).

REALLY, really fun!

If you missed any links, here is a recap:


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