Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Ninjago / Ninja Party Banner - with Stenciled Napkins!

Remember this?  
I told briefly how I made this yesterday, 

To make some custom (and super awesome) banner
decor for our Ninjago party, I used this image as a stencil.

I printed it in a 4x6 index card.
Then used an Exacto knife to carefully cut out
the silhouette shape of the snake and flame.

THEN I used one package of dessert size paper napkins.
$1 at Dollar Tree.
It was my own personal challenge to make some 
party decor out of these cheap, paper napkins ; ) 

I pulled half out to stencil and set the other half aside.
I laid them open (still in half),
and grabbed my stencil, black craft paint,
and a snipped piece of cheap sponge.

You can see that this 4x6 stencil was a perfect fit!
But FYI - I messed up on the first one by letting my sponge
go below that thin bottom edge.  You have to be careful.
Either that or tape on a strip of paper to make the 
bottom border wider so you don't get paint over the edge.

This was a creative experiment.
I didn't know if this would work or not, painting on paper napkins.
But keep reading!!!

Here they are drying.
*One thing I would do differently is try to gently iron that fold
crease out of the center of the napkins before painting.

After they dried, I folded the top edge over toward the backside.
And then once more, folded over onto itself.
I put these through my sewing machine and wanted a little
more thickness for the stitching line to go through.

I folded the remaining half of the napkins the same way.
Then cut a few sheets of black cardstock into 
2" by 8 1/2" strips to center on top of the plain napkins.

I alternated - stencil / paper strip / stencil / paper strip
in a stack, and then sewed them at 1/2"
I waited till the first one got to the back end of the presser
foot before starting on the next one.

That one pack of napkins gave me three banners 
about 4-ish feet wide each.
One pack of $1 napkins, 2 or 3 sheets of cardstock, some paint,
and then I added party circles glued on top of each black paper strip.

This pic is horrible, but it shows you what I mean.  I printed these as 2 1/2"
circles on cardstock.  Some were just patterned paper and others were
copy/pasted from the cupcake toppers.

Again, not the greatest picture, with all the 
bright light coming in those windows.
But it looked SO cool!!
This was the eating area of our kitchen.
And yes, I made those coordinating paper lanterns to hang with my
banners, too - I'll show you those soon ; )

Here it is on party day...

One in the kitchen, one for the mantel...

And for the banner in the foyer, I used the enlarged cupcake toppers
of the five different Ninjago characters in my party set.

I hung this one, with paper lanterns on each end, 
from the bannister of the upstairs hall railing.

This is what it looked like when you walked in the front door...
except I didn't have everything else set up in this pic.
However, these are the only ones that show the finished banner.

I think it turned out pretty incredible, if I do say so myself ; )
I mean.  To be honest,
I knocked my own socks off with this one.
A $1 pack of napkins turned into ninja house banners??
Yes, I did.

I will show you how I made those paper lanterns next,
and stay tuned for more, because Ninjago party activities 
are lining up in the blog queue!
Wait till you see the obstacle course!

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