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Monday, May 14, 2012

Ninjago / Ninja Party Favors

I was so pleased with how our Ninjago party favors came out!  
It all started with these wooden peg doll ninjas.  I purchased
unfinished pegs on etsy, then drew the face mask and eyes on
with a fine point sharpie, and painted around it with acrylic craft paint.
I coated the entire thing with matte mod podge as a sealer afterward.
They were so easy to do, and the kids loved them.
I'm smitten with peg people now!

I made half my peg ninjas black and half red, with the 
intention of giving each guest one of each color...but then
our guest list creeped up and I didn't have enough to do that.
They all got one...and there was one red ninja leftover that now
stands guard by my sewing machine ; )  In my perfect party favor
world, the girls would have had pink ones, maybe even with some
glitter, but alas, I didn't have time to get more shipped to me.

The peg ninjas were going to go inside a Trinket Keeper pocket.
I saw these gems on Amazing Mae and made some for my boys
for Christmas.  It's *perfect* for a party favor!!  You can make
them any size and use coordinating fabrics for your theme.

I ended up using pieces of cut denim from a pair of Hubs jeans
that had recently bit the dust with a super huge hole in the backside.
The legs were in tact, and the black rinse of the denim fit well.
I had to cut off a few pairs of my 6yr old's pants due to holes 
in the knees, and used the bottoms of those legs for the lining
on the boy ones.  I was able to find fabric scraps in my etsy bin
for the girl ones.  They are 4x6 pieces, so you can use what you
have and it's cheap!  I added felt monograms appliqued to the front.

Here I was lining up all my pieces on sewing day.
I added a Craft, Interrupted ribbon tag to each one.

And this is the finished pile that just needs ironed.
The lining then folds down inside.  Then you snip
a few holes and hammer in your eyelets.  Easy!

I ordered mini carabiner clips on ebay for a steal.
Then I realized why they were so cheap - they were shipping from
Shanghai!  Glad I was prepared and started all these early, because
those clips almost didn't get here in time for the party.

I whipped up a printable card in My Memories for the 
Trinket Keeper, similar to what I do for my etsy products.

We added Tootsie-Pops, and intended to include little
glassine envelopes of temporary Ninjago tattoos, but *those*
did not arrive in time for the party.  boo hoo.  I had the 
and everything, like I did for the Monkey Party.  Oh well -
It was still a cute little set of party favors, even without the tattoos.

Remember, each guest also had a 

The fun part was how I packaged them!

I found pint-size white take out boxes on ebay.
Then I used My Memories to make a label, and printed 
those on full-page adhesive sheets through my printer.
Each take out box had a thank you sticker on the front
and back that matched the rest of our party printables.

The Trinket Keeper, ninja peg doll, and tootsie pop fit
inside, with the printable card and a Craft, Interrupted
business card (gotta promote!).
Then I got sets of plain chop sticks from the Asian food aisle 
at walmart (99 cents for a 10 pack), and tied on name tags.
OH my goodness.  Love, LOVE them!

I left them open till the last minute, hoping those darn tattoos would arrive
in the mail the day of the party.  But they didn't.  I had intended to fold
the tops closed and seal them with one last matching sticker from my 
party printable set, but didn't have time to fudge around with peeling and 
sticking them on after our guests arrived.  
I just laid them on top for these pre-party photos.

I made a table runner from a plastic party table cloth, and
set the favor boxes up on the entry table in our front hallway.
I draped a paper chain over the mirror.
I think paper chains are the new "it" thing for party decor.

I also made a table tent : )

This party was SO much fun!
I can't wait to show you the rest!!

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