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Friday, May 18, 2012

Ninjago / Ninja Party Game - Paper Ninja Star Throwing Practice

Annnd it just keeps comin!  

Here's a 2-parter idea for a ninja party activity.

1) Decorate Your Own Paper Ninja Star
Now you could have your guests fold their own.
I'm glad I chose to do so beforehand, because it was tricky.
I don't know if my party guests would have been able to,
especially the younger siblings who joined us.
Once you get the groove, it's not bad, and they go fairly quick,
but I had to do about five of them before I finally got it
to where I didn't have two left sides each time.

I also saw on a few Ninja Party posts that they
purchased those unfinished wood star shapes for 
about 25 cents each at a craft store, and had their guests
decorate those as ninja stars instead.

I used plain white paper stars,
that I made with regular printer paper.
Two sheets each, trimmed to 5 1/2" by 11".
I had to keep the tutorial paused on slide 5 to make sure
I had my left and right sides correctly.  The rest is easy.

I put them all in a bin with a sign and some
tins of crayons for decorating.

2) Paper Ninja Star Target Practice
What do a group of 8 year olds do with paper ninja stars?
Throw them!
We made this into a fun activity by supplying them with targets.

My first thought was to hang a hula hoop and have them
throw their ninja star through the hoop.
Instead, I rigged up a "shooting gallery" of plastic
ball pit balls balanced on empty cardboard tubes from 
old paper towel and toilet paper rolls.

I was going to stick a chopstick into the ground, 
set the empty tubes over top, and balance the balls on top...
but then I thought this would be too low.
I came up with something that could be set up on a table,
and not be knocked over with every throw.

I happened to have saved a bunch of empty Pringles cans.
I had intended to make these into "Mission Impossible"-type
chore task holders.  Get it?  It's an impossible mission to get
your kids to clean up consistently!  I was going to make the cans
up like secret agent info tubes and deliver "mission" instructions.
aka - make your bed agent X!
That project never happened.  But now you know about it!

I used empty Pringle cans, cardboard tubes,
some pipe cleaners, random wood board scraps,
duct tape, and paper and party streamers to decorate.
I poked two holes in opposite sides near the top rim.
I did the bottom rim, first, but it was hard to get the 
pipe cleaners threaded through, so I switched to the top.
Yes, I used a meat thermometer to poke the holes.
Whatever works!
I threaded a pipe cleaner through, then replaced the Pringles cap.
I inverted the can onto my scrap board and tightly wrapped
and twisted the pipe cleaner around on the bottom to secure the can.
This prevents the cans from being knocked over again and again.
I fit three Pringle cans on each scrap of board.
Then wrapped them with red party streamers to hide the Pringle labels.
I secured the streamers with regular scotch tape.
That completes the base.
For the tops, I took a variety of empty cardboard tubes,
cut a few in smaller pieces and taped some together to be taller.
I wrapped each with black cardstock, which I hot glued.

Then I tacked the paper-covered tubes of varying heights onto
the tops of the Pringles can bases, with a ring of hot glue to hold
down.  After that, I added strips of black duct tape to hold
them more permanently (hot glue on plastic lids can break off).
The black duct tape was both functional and decorative.
I hot glued a few party circles on the fronts and called it done.

We set these two sets of targets on a card table that was also
part of our backyard obstacle course (more coming on that soon).
Then we pooled together all the kids' decorated paper stars,
and everyone got a turn trying to knock the ball pit balls off the tubes.
The kids really enjoyed this!
And afterward, everyone got their own paper star back to take home.
Some of them were very serious about their Ninja skills.
I had to include this picture, because of my Hubs in the background.
I'm sure he'd be thrilled to know this is on my blog ; )
But he's a good sport, and super awesome to boot.
And it just makes me laugh!

You can catch a glimpse of some of our obstacle course in the background.
I hope you're not Ninja'd out yet!
I'm dying to show you the results of our photo booth!!

When I finally do get to the end of all this Ninja business,
which is soon, I promise ; )
I will list all the Ninjago / Ninja Party posts with their links
at the bottom of the photo post from the actual party.

I'm waiting on a few more affirmatives for sharing
photos of our guests, and then I'll get it ready!
I hope you are as excited as I am!

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