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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Ninjago Party Game - Pin the Beard on Sensei Wu!

For Little Man's Monkey Party, I made a "Pin the Tail on the Monkey" game.  It was an easy project and really fun for the kids.  I knew I would be coming back to this game for future parties - and I have!

For the Ninjago party, I made a "Pin the Beard on Sensei Wu" version.  It makes me laugh!  I could have done Pin the Sword / Headband / Nunchucks / whatever on the Ninja, but this beard version fit perfectly with the Ninjago characters and is silly and fun.

I used this free poster download of Sensei Wu , and then edited it to remove the beard.  This was an evening-long project, with Picasa, My Memories, and Windows Paint, but I finally got it looking acceptable.  Unfortunately, I closed the window after printing without having saved the final version.  A veritable *head-slap* moment, I tell you : <  Really?!?!?  Thank goodness my printout worked for me.  Doh.  Save your files!!!

I used the same printing scale method that I told you about for the Monkey Tail game, so I could print it poster-size on my own printer at home, in a grid of 3 by 4 sheets of paper.  For some unknown reason, my image became cropped and the background on the right side was no longer there.  Some of my prints came out as blank border.  I was bummed about this, but was not about to start over with the editing process, so I used the smaller/cropped version.  I was clicking the mouse like a maniac to select tools and edit with brushes, so I must have cropped it without realizing.

Then I set out for trimming edges and carefully gluing the grid together.  If you print a party game this way, make sure you don't cut ALL the white edges off, because you need half of them to glue it together.  I just use a regular Emler's glue stick on the half-inch white border, and line the neighboring piece on top.  Here is mine with just one row left to trim and glue.
All together!

Then I added the game title along the bottom border, and covered the front with two large pieces of clear contact paper.  That's a tricky process.  I ended up with wrinkling this time, but it's doable.
I laid a blank sheet of printer paper on top and traced out the right size beard, then used the original image to help me draw the final shape and details.  

I used that as my pattern, traced it onto a new page, fitting two beards on.  I outlined it with a sharpie and added some details with pencil and crayon.  Then I just color-copied it to get enough beards for all our party guests.

I have now cut them all out.  At party time, we'll just write the name on the edge and let them try to pin it in place with a blindfold on.  

Then I had an absolutely brilliant idea (if I do say so myself),
when I realized that the beards were the *perfect* size for
a hold-up photo prop a-la-the ever popular mustache.

It.  is.  hilarious!!!!!
I want to make a few more photo props with
kung fu words in little speech bubbles.  Hi-YA!
This is me doing my best wise sensei expression.
(and you thought the headband collage was corny)
Psst...sneak peak of the banners in the background ; )

I will be adding a printable beard pattern to this post.
**Printable Sensei Wu Beards can now be found in this post**
Because I think if you have a ninja / Ninjago party you 
must.  have.  sensei beards.
Isn't it a riot?!?

Ok.  Now I really must get back to it.  I have a paper pagoda to piece together.  I'm considering using it as a cake topper.  Pics coming!

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