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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Ninjago Party Printables ~ You can make them, too!

I've mentioned a few times in the last couple of months that I'm finding myself getting swept up in parties.  Planning party celebrations, with the decorations, themed games, and handmade's meeting a lot of my creative and organizational needs ; )  I'm enjoying it so much!!

You know what else I'm enjoying?  Using My Memories to make my own party printables.  Oooh it's fun.  The software is very user-friendly, and the more you tinker around with it, the more fun you have!  You don't have to be an avid scrapbooker to use digital scrapbook software - I don't scrapbook.  I'm doing all my parties with it, plus tags for gifts, printable decor, seasonal banners...lots of good stuff.  Check out the blinkie ad in the lower left sidebar for more info on My Memories, and save yourself some $$ with Craft, Interrupted's coupon code!

I found pdf pictures of the Ninjago characters on-line.  These were images from, on how to draw the Ninjago characters.

I saved these to my desktop, and used them as the starting point of my party set, for printables and games. With My Memories, you can crop and shape photos.  I simply added the pdf's as a photo, into a blank album page.  I cropped them into a square-ish measurement, then shaped them into a circle.  Presto - Ninjago character party circles!

I went to the Ninjago website and saw this page with a graphic of a fire-breathing viper.  Bells went off in my head - My birthday boy is super into snakes, and I knew this would be a great addition.
By pressing Ctrl-Print Screen, I saved a screen shot of the snake.  Then I pasted it into Windows Paint, cropped it to get rid of everything but the snake, and saved it as a new jpeg.  I uploaded the jpeg to a photo editing site (I think I used PicMonkey?) and by playing with various effects and levels, was able to change it into a black silhouette on a red background to match my party set.  Awe-SOME, right?  I don't remember exactly what I did.  But I was stoked that I did it.  Ha!
I shaped the viper into a circle, too, and added it to the party circles with the characters.  I threw in a few more circles with colored or patterned papers straight from My Memories, "Happy Birthday" in the free Japonesa font from DaFont, and the number 8, for my son's birthday year. 
I had intended for them to be cupcake toppers, but didn't end up making cupcakes.  The circle images can easily be copied and pasted to new album pages though, to create other party elements!
Also, you can select and drag to increase or decrease size!  I used bits and pieces of my cupcake toppers, along with one or two patterned paper backgrounds right from My Memories, to create banners, table tents, game signs, favor tags...Print them all on white cardstock and you are ready to go!  Need stickers for your favors?  Print onto full-page adhesive sheets (8 1/2 x 11 labels in the address/mailing label section of an office store).

For the few party sets that I've created in My Memories, I start with the cupcake toppers and then the rest is just copy/paste, change size, add a background or words, play with shadows...
and before you know it, your whole party is 
coordinated with custom printables.
FUN stuff.

Photoshop + me = utter confusion 
My Memories?  Look what I'm making!?
I'm not a digital design guru.
If *I* can do it, you can, too!

I'm sharing my cupcake toppers (with the 8, above, 
and here without, so you can add your own #)...
...and birthday banner (keep goin').
Because I love ya.
: )

I hung my banner in a double layer, behind the couch.
This is the best photo of it that I could manage.
With bright light coming in those windows, every 
close-up became a silhouette.

Just click these images to view full-size.
Right-click to save to your computer.
Then print as needed!

In my next post, I'm going to show you how I used one of these 
to create a stencil for a painted banner.  You don't want to miss it.  
I made them with a $1 pack of dessert napkins.  No lie.

See more of our Ninjago/Ninja Party:


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