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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Adventures in Creative Chalk Photos - Father's Day Gift

Here's a peek at a popular trend right now
Using sidewalk chalk to make creative photo backdrops

I adore these!!
For more examples, see these posts:

I was recently inspired by this take on it, as a Father's Day photo!

It went on my Must Do List.
Except - I have 3 boys.  And I didn't think they would want hearts & flowers ; )
We came up with an outer space theme instead.  Fun!

A Test Run taught us a few things:
1) Even with the steep slope of our driveway, standing on top of 
the car (SHhhhh!) didn't provide the proper angle for an "Above" shot.  
Nor did hanging out the upstairs window *ahem*.
2)  Everyone wanted to "help" with the creation of the backdrop,
but it was obvious we needed a more constructed plan for the final run.

3) Attempting this activity with children who have sensory issues
requires a mammoth amount of patience and encouragement.
Hard, rough surfaces, chalk on the skin, and bright sun 
= not a lot of cooperation.  But that's probably just MY kids,
'cause their special like that ; )
They look like they're really enjoying it, right?

Take Two - annnnd Action!
1) We changed our location to the upper part of the driveway.
2) We used a ladder.
3) We sketched out a plan for the backdrop.
And even though we squeezed all this in between rainshowers,
on an overcast day where the bright sun would not be blinding anyone
...we still had issues with light sensitivity.  Little Man wore Mommy's shades,
but of course, we could not track down any other pairs.  Anywhere.

Getting the right angle is a challenge. I had to reach my arm up and 
out over them and hope for a straight shot.  Take lots of shots!

I'm sure this was quite a site for the neighbors -
Me standing on an 8ft ladder, precariously balanced on an uneven lawn,
lots of whining and complaining from the kids, 
and pleading direction from Mom to please cooperate for Pete's sake!?

As it started to rain again, we finally got one that would fly.
Not my ideal expressions.
Not my ideal clothing.
And I would have liked to tweak the placement and quality of
the chalk designs that make up the backdrop...
But we got it.  And we managed to keep the whole thing
a secret from the Hubs (who works from home).

I edited the above shot with Picasa to crop, straighten, and adjust colors.
I then uploaded it to PicMonkey and added cross-process and soften,
then photo corners with a colored border (still can't tell if I like that or not), 
and the date in the corner.  We will print it and frame it and it will
be part of our Father's Day gift to the Hubs.
He really IS out of this world ; )

See how we framed this gem with a
Doodled Photo Frame.
It really did turn out lovely.


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