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Monday, June 25, 2012

Do Your Best & Think Printables

I mentioned a few weeks ago in my Currently {v.2} post that I was working on
some printables, as reminders/goals for our household... to both
do our best, and think about our words before we say them.

I was inspired by this one from Sweet Blessings, that I had seen all over Pinterest.

However, since I was also creating a separate printable
(and I wanted them to match of course!), I gave it a makeover.  
I used Country Fair, parts 1 and 2, from Design House Digital.

The "Think Before You Speak" one is now framed on my entry table.

The "Do Your Best" one, I tried something new with - Mod Podge onto a board.
And it was a lot harder than I thought!?  Who knew Mod Podge was such an art.

First I picked up an unfinished wood plaque thing, and painted it.

Then I sanded that a bit and gave it a wash of diluted brown paint to "glaze" it.
Same as I did for our Father's Day Frame.  I coated the top of the dry board with Mod Podge,  centered my printable on, and gave it another coat.
Mistake #1:  I used regular printer paper, which was too thin and wrinkled a ton.

Mistake #2:  I didn't wait for the undercoat to dry before I topcoated it. 
It was saturated, and the ink began to smear.

I was not pleased with the end result and decided to try again.
This time I printed on white cardstock.  

You can see the difference in color side-by-side,
and how the ink smudged in parts and looks blurry.
It's a mystery why the cardstock printout is larger than the first one. 

So I sanded down my first attempt till my arms burned.
Then I began again - with a few changes.

1) I used heavier paper.
2) I only applied Mod Podge UNDER it at first
3) I rolled it with my honkytonk brayer, aka can of sunscreen ; )

I put a thin, even coat of Mod Podge on the sanded board,
then centered my printed cardstock on top.
I covered this with paper towels and used the sunscreen can to roll
back and forth to flatten it and remove any bubbles.
It was smoooooth as pie!
And I let it dry overnight.

The next day, I coated the top and let it dry.
Then sanded it again and did a second coat.

I did get some bubbling up on the top and bottom edges,
but zero wrinkles through the main portion,
and by letting the coats dry thoroughly between,
I avoided the smudging ink.

Mod Podge success!

What do you think?
Here's a better look at the printables...
and you can use them, too!


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