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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Double Group Giveaway! Part Two: Accessory Package

Double the goodness Batman ~
Our Double Group Giveaway has more!
part two:  Accessory Bundle
Part Two of our Double Group Giveaway
has been donated by three more super sweet gals,
and fellow craft bloggers, who also have Etsy shops on the side!
These are some busy ladies, and I think it's amazing 
that they are willing to donate toward treating one of you!
You can read a lil' more about them in my New Sponsor Welcome post.

In pulling these giveaway bundles together, I truly did 
try to find shops with items that I personally loved.
I was never much into bags, makeup, or accessories, back when I was 
in the Total Mom Zone of having three babies in just under four years 
(yes, that was crazy). I was lucky to get a shower ; )
Trendy and cute things just weren't on my list...but since starting this blog, I'm 
paying a little more attention to me.  I take the time to spruce myself up.
I experiment with makeup, use my favorite bags, and have a favorites list of 
necklaces, bracelets, belts, and hair an attempt to discover my own style.
Well I have to say - these things would be on my list!

Check out these beauties!
Part Two of this giveaway is also worth a combined total {$51!}

Kelly @ Live, Laugh, Rowe

donating one Vintage-Style Cameo Necklace
This is sooo lovely, isn't it?  This little number would 
definitely add some vintage charm to your look!
from her Etsy shop:

Ginger @ Literally Inspired

donating one Cabochon Ring 
winner chooses color/style
I'm loving cabochon flowers lately, and these rings are so sweet and feminine!
Need a little pop of color for your ensemble?
from her Etsy shop:

Aubrey @ Aubrey Plays
donating one Shine and Be the Change Purse
And I'm head over heels for this little change purse!?
One side says:  Look for Beauty in Everyone, and the
other side says:  Let Your Light Shine Bright.
The yellow, the arrow, the feather...and a donation to The Shine Project.
love.  it.
from her Etsy shop:

Can you believe this stuff?!

Take another gander.  Go ahead.
Now enter to win!  Lots of entry possibilities!
And if you missed part one of this amazing double giveaway,
you can find it here.
Enter both!

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