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Monday, June 4, 2012

Traveling with Kids Round-Up

As I said in my Family Vacation Road Trip Post, the Craft, Interrupted family has been making a 14-ish hour journey to visit family in our hometown (that's 14hrs one way, folks).  We have done this road trip about eight times in the past few years.  And so, I have learned a thing or two about long hours in the car with little ones!  I first blogged about this on my special needs blog, and then I revisited the topic during November's Tips on Tuesday series.  The link is outlines my road trip survival plan ; )

Tips on Tuesday - Traveling with Kids

And in case you need more...
I rounded up several additional links with great ideas 
on road trip boredom busters and travel organization.
Check them out!

Travel Emergency Box @ Money Saving Mom
This is a really good idea from Money Saving Mom!
I have been dividing bandaids, eyedrops, gum, and Tylenol
between my purse on the floor at my feet, and the glovebox.
I like this idea better!  If I could squeeze the box under the seat.
I also pack a tote bag with a change of clothes for each child,
and plastic bags for any wet ones due to spills or sickness. 

Another Busy Crate!
I like how Jill used zippered pencil pouches to store different
activities.  She has a great selection in her bin, and it's cute
and organized to boot.  Good work Jill!

These clear, zippered toiletry bags look like a fantastic way
to organize the car for a road trip!  Emergency items AND 
activities.  Snacks, too!  Get some free printable labels at
Better Homes and Gardens.

Here's a super cute DIY travel desk!
It has a pillow base for comfort on the lap, and 
lots of creative pockets on the sides to store things.
Find the tutorial through Chez Beeper Bebe.

This post is a wealth of info!
Lists of what to consider packing in a travel bag,
both for needs and keeping busy.
Bonus - there are about ten free pdf printables!
Travel Tokens, Car Bucks, Tic Tac Toe & Bingo Games,
Alphabet Search & I Spy...they are cute!

I'm loving these dry-erase mini game board folios!
My boys are getting old enough to have fun with these.
I have a feeling I'll be making something like this in the future!

This is a great activity binder full of file folder games, 
stickers, activity books, pockets for colored pencils...
and I love the I spy bag!  She is right - fastest & easiest I Spy Bag ever!
Except I think I would duct tape mine shut or those pony beads
would be all over the floor...and pelting me in the back of the head ; )

Martha, Martha.  Even you have travel ideas.
I liked these ring-bound map and postcard "books" for
journaling the trip and keeping memories.
Check this one out, too - a Kids Travel Kit

I'm SO doing this one on our next trip!! 
Such a simple DIY and it would really help my little guys
have a better grasp on how much further we have to go.

This is a fantastic idea for preventing on-the-road meals from ending up
all over the floor!  We try to avoid fast food if possible, and pack a
cooler of pre-portioned items ahead of time, but I can still see this
being really helpful.  I actually tried to find some of those plastic bins
before our last trip, but couldn't find them.  Maybe next time!

Here's another great organizing idea - use a plastic divided
box like for storing beads or small craft items, and make it into
a travel snack box!  Load it up before you go and each rider
can be responsible for managing their own snacks on the way.
You'll avoid Handout Duty with this!

Krista has a fantastic post listing travel activity ideas for toddlers.
I love the addition of the felt play mats - quiet book-style.
She has a list of car-friendly snacks, too!

DIY Travel Games @ Thrive
Here's a DIY for magnetic travel games on a cookie sheet.
Nice and neat!  This would work great for older kids.
Travel Snack Ideas @ Thrive
A few smart ideas for packing healthy snacks on the road!

Two more very helpful lists of tips...
there are some good things here, plus links to
even more resources that will help you.
Worth checkin' out!

Holy Moly.  That's a lot of travel ideas!
I'm going to share one more Traveling with Kids post tomorrow -
a DIY magnetic activity tray for cars, trains & dinos.
I made it in the nick of time for our latest road trip!


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