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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Funner School ~ Ocean Week: Shark Day

If you missed our previous Ocean Week days, you can find
Hermit Crab Day here & Our Big Blue Ocean Day here.

We continued our ocean themed activities with
Shark Day!

Middle Man got to start on his Shark Lapbook, from Homeschool Share.

While he was doing that, my oldest was working on filling in his Coral Reef Lapbook,
and Little Man was doing some printable activities from Homeschool Creations,
as well as an Ocean Tot Book from 1+1+1=1.

 and used it to help us fill out our Shark Lapbook.

and we all got a kick out of deciding who who win in each scenerio ; )

For lunch, we had dolphin shaped pb & j's, with fish crackers.

We did a craft, making Toilet Paper Tube Sharks.

Each shark used one toilet paper tube, which we cut a triangle out of one end for a mouth.  The triangle pieces were then hot glued on for a tail and dorsal fin.  Then we mixed up some shades of gray paint and painted our sharks.  Strips of white paper notched with triangles became the teeth, which I glued on the inside of the mouths.  Google eyes and some gill marks with a sharpie finished them off.  The kids LOVED this activity and played with their sharks for the rest of the week!

After our TP Tube Sharks were done, I unveiled a big surprise 
I had prepared in advance for the kids - a carved watermelon shark that I had seen on Sun Scholars.  This was a blast to put together for them!!  I followed the tutorial for assembling it, then added the blue jello jigglers around it for water, and some swedish fish.  FYI - if you make one of these, put the candy fish on at the last minute.  I had my entire Shark Attack Snack assembled and hidden in the extra fridge in the garage overnight, and the candies were slimy where they laid against the melon and jello.

They were thrilled : )

And of course, in a house of all boys, you know someone 
is going to try the shark on their head ; )  


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