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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Great Pixie Grow-Out of 2010

And now for something completely random.
I didn't have anything lined up for today's post...and then I remembered...

Before blogging, I was part of a Momma's Board, and me and the gals 
always liked to share pics of our latest "do" and tell each other how fab we were ; )
So I happen to have self-shots of my hair from each time I would get it trimmed.
Many of them.
I edited them all into polaroids with labels and dates.
I filled in a few missing months with photos from my family stash that maybe
showed my hair decent enough to see how it had changed...and now I have 
a grow-out-your-pixie-cut photo collection.

My hair used to be short.  Really short.  Like this.
And then of all things, it got even shorter.
It was November of 2009 that I decided to start growing it out.
Mainly because it was getting too $$$ to maintain, with touch-ups 3-4weeks.
And I was ready for something having hair again.

Growing out a pixie haircut is a very daunting task.
Trust me.  I've done it twice.
The Key is having the help of a good stylist, who can shape, 
and reshape, and tweak your hairstyle as it grows... to minimize the pain.
Just kidding.  It's not that bad.
For long ; )

I'll show you the good and the bad.
can't believe I'm doing this

Warning:  Awkward Phase Approaching
The worst bit was at the very beginning, where it was necessary to just let it grow,
and not be able to shape it into anything yet.
Get yourself some hats for this part.
Cue the extreme awkwardness sirens here 
Yes I'm showing you.
This is 4 months into the grow-out.  The most difficult part.

Don't look at how bad this photo is of me - 
look at how long the top has gotten.  AND
look at that totally pinchable Little Man!
Now let's put the past behind us and move on to longer hair, 
shall we?  No lookin' back.
By Spring we were getting somewhere - 
the bangs were long enough to clip to the side a little bit.
And thankfully, a trim that shaped it up as the sides grew over the ears.
*phew*  Ok, see?  Scary part is over.  4 or 5 months can go fast.
One month later, I was rockin' stacked layers in the back.
I still usually clipped the bangs to the side, but overall
the shape was greatly improved.  It was cute enough to maintain this 
as a brief New Style Stopping Point during the summer.
Regular trims become really important through this bit, to 
ease the shape into new length.
Once you get some bulk down past the ears, you can really change gears.
You can see in these pics how much it changed 
from the beginning of one month to the end.
Sides and back were now long enough for a short, flippy shag.
This was my favorite part of The Great Pixie Grow-Out!
It was easy to style and looked cute.  I added color at this point : )
Getting length was much less painful during this part.
It was another New Style Transition Point
Same month - after a shaping trim which angled the bangs
and dried straight instead of letting it flip out.  Totally different look.
Again, later that same month - more length already!
Dried straight, or air dried with product to get texture and flip.
It's been about a year now, but with some resting points 
to live with a transition style for a bit.
Now we get to another phase of waiting for length 
and shaping as we go, till we get it long enough to make a new style out of.
It was thin around the ears and we had to wait for the top layers to catch up.
Look, it's down to my jawbone!

This cut and color update was fab.  
I loved the shape of the stacked layers in the back.
It pays to have a GOOD stylist to work with you!  
I went from chunky red highlights to chunky burgundy highlights, too.
Growing, growing *yawn*
In May I discovered I could air dry it with product for a curly look.
Same haircut, same month, different look.
For the record, I'm not a fan of these photos of myself, but I'm puttin them in.
I got through the summer this way, letting the length come in.
By fall - *drum roll* 
I could pull it back in a ponytail!
and there was enough length to do fancy schmancy Halloween stuff like this

Smooth sailin' from then on.
I could go months in between visits to the stylist.
And then my longer locks were finally in a new style.
If only my stylist could straighten my hair like this every day *sigh*
and fancy new color, too
And that's how I did it.
My tips:
1) the first couple of months are the worst - chin up and get through it
2) get a good stylist to help you along the way - imperative!
3) you'll reach New Style Stopping Points every so often - 
go with it and be flexible to try new things for awhile
4) be patient - hair keeps on growin' and you'll get there!


  1. The longer hair style makes you look A LOT younger!

  2. I'm jealous! You're one of those people that looks great with short AND long hair. I wish I could pull off a pixie cut but I have the ROUNDEST FACE EVER.

  3. Ahhh, you are soooo beautiful!! Short or long hair! Love, Mom

  4. Thank you for posting this! I'm currently growing out my hair from an accidental pixie. Went in for a trim of shoulder length hair went out with 1inch of my hair line cut into. you know like the hair style in the 90's where the girls shaved the napes of their neck and left the rest of their hair that, but the top looked like a bowl cut.

    My hair now looks like your January 2011 picture.

    Also, Any ideas on how to make this a fancy hairstyle? I have my college graduation coming up and I feel so blah about my hair! I'm too frightened to get it trimmed!

    1. Hi Lizabeth! Sorry about the hairtrim-gone-awry! Nothin' worse than not being happy with your hair! When my hair was that length, I could have two completely different looks by either straightening it or letting it dry wavy and flipped out with wax paste or something. You could play with it and see. Congrats on the upcoming graduation!

  5. Hi :) I have Pixie cut hairstyle. My head was shaved because of Surgery and now I'm trying to grow it out. The April 2011 Straightened picture, how many months were you growing out your Hair?

    My Head was shaved on April 2012 so it's my sixth month growing out my hair. I want my hair to be at least up to my Chin like the April 2011 Picture of yours. Was that 1 year growing out your hair? Thankss! I just want to know because I will be going back to my Home Country and I want my hair long when I get back. Btw, I'm only 13. And my hair right now is about 3 1/2 inches long. I'll be bookmarking this page, I'll be waiting for your reply. Thankyou very much .

    1. Hi Nicole! I think that was a little over a year, but I had slowed down the grow-out process a few times when I got to a hair phase that I liked. You could maybe reach that in a year, but it all depends. I know it's a frustrating process to grow your hair out! Best wishes to you in your recovery and I hope you are back to full health very soon!

  6. Thanks for your inspiration. I've actually had long hair my whole life, anywhere from mid shoulder length (shortest) to mid back (mostly). I've recently really been thinking of chopping it to a pixie but at the same time, a bit nervous to do so since I have naturally wavy/curly hair. It appears that you also have wavy hair. How easy was it when you had the pixie? Did you have to straighten it or use products for it to look good and behave instead of flying all over?

  7. Thank you for this! I went pixie in June 2012. I've been debating a grow out for about a month and it's hard to decide on especially last week when I couldn't stand the sight of it growing anymore I got a cut! I have to get past that part.

  8. This could have been a faster process with less hair cuts.

  9. You look more beautiful if you are stay your hair long. I love the texture of hair. I used Natural hair regrowth in order to grow mine.


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