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Friday, August 17, 2012

Fun Jar Friday #16: Giant Gameboard +4 more Fun Jar Activities

Today's Fun Jar Friday 
Giant Gameboard
+ 4 more fun jar activities

First off, I am so sorry to keep you hanging last week!  I was on vacation visiting my sister and celebrating my nephew's 4th birthday.  Hopefully I won't have to deny you guys some fun jar love again for a long time!

I originally saw this idea of a giant gameboard last year by 36th Avenue and loved it.  Stop on by their to get some more ideas.  This year, I just threw it together with stuff around the house, but next year, I plan on making it more permanent as she did with her cute, easy to grab box.  I made a few changes to her idea and I encourage you to make your own changes to work for your family.  

Set up is simple, use masking tape to draw out the game board, allowing several spaces.  Use whatever design your porch or deck will allow.  If you have a bigger porch or driveway, feel free to spread out your game board and add more spaces.  Fill in the spaces with various activities using sidewalk chalk, setting the items needed for that activity in the space.  

Notice my colorful board?  Remember how I said I used stuff around the house?  Well, it turns out that masking tape wasn't one of the things I had around the house.  And all I could find was little bits of other tape.  So my board is made of art tape, painters tape and electrical tape.  Whatever works, right?

You will also need two dice and several silly items of clothing.  I made mine out of large wooden blocks.  On one die, write the numbers 1-6.  If you want the game to go longer, simply write numbers 1-3 twice.  On the other die, write down the items of clothing on each side.  I did a silly hat, large rain boots, silly glasses, clown nose, cape, and added a treat.  

The rules are simple: Roll both dice.  One dice tells you the piece of silly clothing you must wear until your next turn.  The other dice tells you the number of spaces to go.  When you land on a space, you must do that activity on your own or with the family, depending on the activity.  You might need place markers to remember where you were when you do an activity.  We used plastic fruit.

When doing an activity that has no defined ending, decide on a time limit.  
5-10 minutes works good.  The first person to reach the end wins.  

I highly encourage you to make you own activities.  Use games and fun things you 
already have around your house.  This isn't meant to break the bank.  
To give you an idea, here are the things our game board had on it.  

1. Family Swing:  we all pick a swing and swing together for our set time limit.

2.  Make a Sandwich: Make a sandwich using plastic food. 
Burgers are sandwiches right?

3.  Go Ahead 2 spaces. 

4.  Fun Noodle Hoop.  I got this game from FamilyFun magazine.  The idea is to try to toss your fun noodle onto another player.  To make the hoop, cut a toilet paper tube down the middle.  Roll it up tight and place it in the fun noodle half way.  place the other end of the fun noodle on the exposed end of the toilet paper tube.  Now duck tape it closed.

5.  Water gun fight.  I supplied full water guns.  The person 
who landed on the space got the super soaker.

6.  Jump on the trampoline.  At 36th Avenue, they actually had fun noodle fights on the trampoline which is awesome.  I only have a mini tramp that holds up to 60 lbs.  so that wasn't happening.  But if you have a big trampoline, do it!

7.  Pick 8 tomatoes and eat 1.  Of course I would sneak a healthy treat into the fun!  I am such a mom!  And this way I had plenty of tomatoes for dinner!

8.  Lose a Turn and have a treat!  I set out fruit snacks for 
them to munch on while they waited for their turn again.

9.  Can Toss.  I had these left over from my son's circus party.  I've been 
waiting for a reason to use them again!  How did I manage 
to get every single one of them upside down?

10. Dress up like a clown.  This was by far the silliest activity.  
I had the player put on all the silly items of clothing.  
My son had the nose on too, but it kept falling off in this picture.  

11.  Fun Noodle Fight.  This is the only time I allow my kids to sword fight with each other.  It's always supervised and in short spurts before it gets too rough.  The fun noodle are soft enough not to hurt and it's a treat for my boys to be allowed to beat each other up without me yelling at them!

12.  Egg race.  This cracked my older guy up, but my younger got quite frustrated.  He was doing good in the picture though.  Simply put a spoon between your teeth.  Plastic egg goes in the spoon and race to the finish line without touching the egg (unless you need to put it back on the spoon)

13.  Lose a Turn and take a drink.  For this one I set 
out capri suns for a refreshment while they waited.

14.  Water Twister.  I got this thing years and years ago and can you believe we've never used it?!?!  It is so awesome.  This was a great excuse to bring it out and my oldest is finally old enough to play!

15.  Sponge ball race.  We had a pool full of water and sponge balls on one end and on the other an empty bucket.  Players had to grab a sponge ball, run it to the bucket and squeeze the water in.  First one to fill their bucket wins!

And then we had the finish line!  I couldn't fit finish on my square so I went with fin to add some foreign flare to my game board.  Then my 6 year old asks "Why did you write fin when you could have just written win?"  uhhhhh.... cause that would have been too easy apparently.

And now for 4 more bonus Fun Jar Activities!

1.  Plastic egg fireflies

I saw these on Apartment Therapy and thought they were adorable.  I couldn't make my heads glow like hers, but they are still cute.  Probably because my lights were used before and running out of batteries.  To make, poke holes for pipe cleaners in the bottom and top.  Use a thick thumb tack for the holes.  They insert the legs and antennas into the holes.  I added a dab of hot glue on the inside to keep them in place.  draw a face using sharpies or paint markers.  Cut out wings from construction paper and glue on the top.  To make your fireflies glow, insert an LED light pointed towards the back.  Now they are glowing!

2.  Retro Activity

This is your chance to show your kids what fun used to be like before video games.  Pick activity that used to be "all the rage".  We did chia pets.  They were given to my husband years ago and have been sitting, waiting for someone to love on them.  Some other ideas are growing sea monkeys, mr potato head using a real potato, paper dolls using magazines or go roller skating.

3.  Hot Rocks

I suggest this activity for older kids or ones who can follow directions like "don't touch the rock.  It's hot."  My  kids don't exactly qualify and they was a lot of whining about how it hurt.  That said, we still enjoyed it and were pleased with the outcome.  To do this, find smooth, flat rocks to paint.  I don't suggest using the ones found in the craft store.  Jaimee tried that and they didn't work as well, because they are polished and the wax doesn't stick.  Just go sneak a few from a nearby park or from your neighbor who has rock landscaping.  Just don't tell them I told you too if you get caught.  Place rocks on a cookie sheet covered in tin foil and bake at 350 for 15 minutes.  Using pot holders, remove rocks and place on a newspaper or paper towel.  Now color on them with unwrapped crayons.  Our favorites were the metallic, sparkly crayons! Thanks FamilyFun for this idea!

4.  Giant Fun Noodle Marble Run

Look, more giant things!  Things are so much cooler when you make them giant!  So here I made a marble run using fun noodles.  The hardest part about this is lining the tubes up so that the marble goes through smoothly.  Tape the tubes together end to end using duct tape or packing tape.  Keep running the marble through as you go to make sure it is working properly. There's a lot of trial and error but the kids will be super impressed when it goes all the way through.  Tape the tube to a fence in loopy, zig-zaggy patterns and let the marble run through.  Remove it and try different things.  I couldn't quite get a loop-the-loop, but I was close!  Let me know if you accomplish it!

Until next time, Tiffany  

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