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Friday, September 14, 2012

Fun Jar Friday 20: Fall Scavenger Hunt

Today's Fun Jar Friday~
Fall Scavenger Hunt

As you are reading this, I am on probably one of the most adventurous trips of 
my parenting career.  I am taking my two young boys on a sixth hour flight by myself 
to Florida.  My husband is already there on business.  So, yep.  Two boys, stroller, 
suitcases, car seats, backpacks, activities... and just me.  But the good news is, 
 I am on my way to Florida for some family fun.

The bad news is, as you are reading this, I am also attempting to take those boys 
to Disney's Magic Kingdom by myself.  I sincerely must have been smacked 
with a crazy stick.  But then my husband is finishing his work with Disney 
and joining us for the rest of the vacation.

But while I am signing my own death certificate, you all get to go on a 
fall scavenger hunt!  
Some of you might remember the Spring Scavenger Hunt I did for you.  
Now we have the Fall version.  

The rules are easy.  Print off the cards.  Each person gets a card.  
Go for a nature walk around your area.  It can be a hike or just a walk around the 
neighborhood.  As you spot the items on the card, cross them off.  You can either play 
bingo and see who can make a line first, see who can fill their card first, 
or just see how many you can get in on your walk.

We went a little early, fall hasn't quite settled into the Utah mountains yet, but 
we were able to find several on the card.  Here are some of the highlights from our hike.

The apples we found in our own yard.  Our neighbor has a tree adjoining our yard.

Pinecones were found all over the evergreen trees in the area/

The trees were turning a beautiful shade of yellow!

We also came across some other beautiful fall surprises.

So now it's your turn!  
Print off the cards and go have fun discovering fall!

Until next time, Tiffany!

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