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Friday, October 5, 2012

Fun Jar Friday #22: Giant Spider Web

Today on Fun Jar Friday~
Giant Spider Web

This one is a favorite in our house.  It's easy, lots of fun and really gets the boys moving!
It's also great for a rainy day!

Set up is simple.  All you need is yarn.  Start by tying one end to a table leg or door knob.  Then wrap it all around the room.  Use tables, chairs, toys, door knobs or whatever is around to make your web.  If you don't have many places to wrap, use tape to tape it to the walls. Cross all over the room and cover as much space as you can.  Keep an eye out for holes that need web!  Then let your kids explore the web.  

Give them a path to try to get from point A to point B.

Have them try to do it without touching any web.

Create "levels" where every time they complete the course, you add some more to the web.


Have them try to do the course in different ways like "slither like a snake."

Believe me, they are going to be asking to do this one again!

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