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Friday, October 12, 2012

Fun Jar Friday #23: Spooky Stones

Today on Fun Jar Friday~
Spooky Stones

Here's a fun, simple activity.  I got the original idea from No Time For Flashcards
 I just expanded her idea of pumpkins into ghosts and Frankensteins.

So here we go!  
What you need
adhesive vinyl, craft foam, or painter's tape

First, gather some stones.  These need to be smooth and dark in color.  Polished river stones you buy at a craft store would work great, but rocks you find outside have more character and the search can be a fun experience with the kids.

Next, cut your shapes out of the tape or craft foam.  Note:  I used craft foam which worked okay but a lot of paint seeped under so painter's tape or vinyl might be a better option.  But if it does seep under, you can scrape the paint away with an exacto knife.

Stick the pieces on your stone.

Now paint your rock.  

Let the rocks dry and add another coat if needed.  Then remove the tape.   If the paint pulls, use an exacto knife to cut the tape away first. 

Disclaimer:  The final pictures were done mainly by me for blog purposes.  
Your children's stones might look more like the following.  This is okay.  
In fact, it is wonderful.  The end results do not take away from your child's experience!

And here's a recap of Costume Week 2012

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