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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Angry Birds Party!

I'm excited to finally share pics of our Angry Birds Birthday Party with you : )
I had a set of three lime green paper lanterns from way back, that had been hanging in 
one of my boys' rooms (till a fateful Nerf battle-turned pillow war knocked them all down).  
These lanterns were taking up space on top of Hubby's wardrobe...and then I turned them into 
Paper Lantern Piggies by using the templates from our piggie craft (more on that in a min).  
I added black cardstock mouths and eyebrows and stuck everything on with hot glue.

The pennant banner was made from cocktail napkins that I cut in half and then shaped into triangles (cutting from bottom center up to top corner on each side).  I simply lined them up in order and sewed across the tops one after another at 1/4" seam allowance.  I tied green yarn in between each pennant.  This was such an easy and inexpensive party decoration!  
You can do so much good stuff with simple materials!

I hung my pennant and piggie lanterns across the railing area that opens into our foyer, 
so it's the first thing guests see when they arrive.  The entry table held our Red Bird Treat Bags.
In the living room, I hung another cocktail napkin pennant behind the couch, with a few 
plastic tablecloth poms and party streamers, and a group of Angry Bird Balloons on each side (so easy - just print the templates, cut them out, and tape them to balloons!)
In the kitchen, I hung a printable Happy Bird-Day Banner across the windows, 
with balloons, plastic poms, and streamers on each end.  I made the banner using this free Angry Birds Birthday Printables Kit, and edited it in My Memories to say what I wanted it to say.  I printed my banner on white cardstock, cut it out, and sewed the pennants together in one long string by feeding them through my sewing machine at 1/4" seam allowance.  
I decorated the table with a plastic tablecloth, paper napkin, and King Pig Centerpiece.
For our party, we served Pigs in a Blanket and a Bird Food Buffet of Worms (gummies), Birdseed (cheese balls), and Berries (strawberries, blueberries & grapes).  We had lemonade to drink.  I set up our party spread on our kitchen island, with half of a plastic tablecloth and a red plaid fabric table runner on top.  I made table tents from the printables kit to label our food items, and put a King Pig Centerpiece on one end (one of our party crafts taped on a dowel and stuck in a tin can of floral foam).
My now favorite way to serve cupcakes at parties is to peel the paper backing off and put the cupcakes into 9 oz clear plastic cups.  It's the perfect size!  I like this for several reasons:  1) They look adorable and fancy 2) It's very fast to serve guests and 3) It's easier for everyone to eat a cupcake with a fork than to mess with peeling the paper and biting into it as it crumbles everywhere. 
 I use simple icing and sprinkles and then poke a topper in the center 
(printables punched and hot glued to lollipop sticks).  Stress-free cupcakes!

I usually save my more intense creative effort for the cake.  This cake was a last-minute addition....and I think it turned out pretty good for not being planned.  Thanks to leftover Halloween candy!  
I used Kit Kats for the eyebrows, Twizzlers for the feathers on top of the head, M & M's for eyes, and a rolled-out banana Laffy Taffy for the beak.  I first laid waxed paper shapes on top of the white icing and then sprinkled red sugar all over the top.  The waxed paper acted as a stencil, protecting white icing underneath and giving a nice face shape to our bird.  I outlined the edges with a tube of writer's icing.  Couldn't figure out how to get the sides covered with red sugar, but in the end I had to quit messing.
You can read in more detail about our games in the tutorial posts listed at the end.  
Here are some photos of our guests enjoying our Angry Pom-Birds Game.
And our Make Your Own King Pig Craft
We had such a great time celebrating our Middle Man with good friends!
I wish that all our cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents could have been there!  
But we will be seeing all of them very soon for Thanksgiving!
To thank our friends for joining us, each child took home a Red Bird Favor Bag filled with goodies: a handmade BackPack Buddy, Sticker Pack, Red Bird & Piggie Tootsie Pops, and a treat bag of Angry Birds Honey Grahams.  Instructions and printables can be found at the links below.

Are you having an Angry Birds Party??  See these posts, too!



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