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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Angry Birds Playset

So, if you have a child who enjoys Angry Birds, I have a great gift for you to make!  But first, if you haven't checked out Jaimee's Angry Birds Party you definitely should.  Even if you aren't planning a party, it's full of ideas that could also work as stocking stuffers!  So go on over.  I'll wait.

Now that you are back, I bring you my Angry Birds addition.

Angry Birds Playset

I originally made this for my nephew for his birthday last year.  I have a bad habit of making things for my neices and nephews birthdays and not for my kids with the idea that I will "get to it later" and then never do.  This is one of those things that my son has been begging him to make him.  And since we already had the block set, it was an easy convert.  So, I improved on the design and it will be his gift I make him this year.

I was inspired by this idea I saw on Brassy Apple.  I immediately fell in love, but the idea of my kids throwing rocks around made my stomach hurt.  So I decided to think of a more LaGrange friendly option.  Bean Bags!

With some creativity, this can really be made with only the purchase of an Ikea Block Set for $8.  If you have to buy more, it will run you up to about $20.  But it can be done for less.

You will need
Ikea block set
material in angry birds colors
about 2 feet of velcro
paint, paint pens, fabric pens, spray paint or sharpies in angry birds colors.
sling shot from the dollar store
poly pellets or rice
2 pieces of thin plywood about 9x12.5 inches
gorilla wood glue

So, lets start with the block set first.  The great thing about the Ikea block set is that the underside of the wagon has this free open space that is perfect for storing your birds, pigs and sling shots.  Now the only problem is making them stay in there.

Cut your wood to fit.  I used husband power and a saw for this one.  I also bought craft wood from hobby lobby and wish I hadn't.  It splintered when cut.  No biggie, the velcro covered it. I also only bought one sheet which was just short of being flush with the sides when cut into two pieces.  

Paint or spray paint your boards. I did one green (for pigs) and one red (for birds). 

Draw your bird and pig face onto the boards.  Sketch with a pencil and then paint.  A sharpie works great for the outlines.  Let dry and add a coat of varnish.

Cut the velcro.  2 pieces at 11 inches long.  3/4 in works best, but if you use thicker, you can just trim it down.  Cut all the way up the middle of the velcro so it makes two long skinny pieces.

Using your wood glue, glue the pokey side of the velcro along the top sides of the wagon.  Place a heavy book on top to keep it flat while it dries.  Let dry for about 30 minutes and repeat on bottom side.  I tried to nail it down as well, but it turns out that Ikea uses really good wood for it's toys and the nails kept bending.  

Glue the fuzzy velcro pieces to the bottom of the boards, placing books on those as well.  Let all the glue dry for several hours.

Now the bean bags.  Gather your material.  It doesn't matter what material you use.  Scraps are perfect. When I originally made this, I used old t-shirts.  This time I used flannel.  Last black friday, Joanns had all their flannel for $1.50 a yard and I stocked up on a rainbow of colors.  It has come in handy many times the past year.

Fold the material in half.  Using a template and a sharpie, draw circles onto the material.  I used scrapbook templates, but circle templates can be found anywhere in the house.  Glasses and lids make great templates.  I made a smaller circle for the blue bird.

I also used a triangle template for the yellow bird.  You are fine freehanding this one, but I happen to have a template.  I don't think I've ever used that template for anything else.

Cut your shapes out.  You should have two of each of these shapes.

Place one of each shape on a piece of cardboard.  Paint the faces on using whatever paint you have on hand.  Again, sharpie works great for outlines.

Your finished faces look like this.

With right sides together, sew your faces to the blank sides, using an 1/8 inch seam.  Leave a gap between stitch ends for turning.  Be sure to backstitch at the beginning and the end.

Turn your bean bags.  Fashion a funnel out of a piece of paper.  I just taped it closed.  Place the small end of the funnel in the bean bag gap and fill with poly pellets.  You can find poly pellets at walmart for about $5.  They are in the fabric section next to the pillow stuffing.  I prefer it because if it gets left outside, it's not going to mold or make a mess.  But rice works as well for a filler.

Hand stitch the gap closed and you are ready to play!

The dollar store sells the slingshots in the summer, but you can also find them online for really cheap like this one here.  Better yet, you can make your own slingshot with wood and a rubber band.

Now you can set up the blocks however you choose and place the pigs on.  Use the slingshot to send your birds flying!

When you are done, put the blocks in their spot and the beanbags and slingshot go in the back side!  Believe me, this is fun for the whole family!

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