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Friday, November 30, 2012

Fun Jar #29: Charlie Brown Christmas Tree

Today on Fun Jar Friday~
Charlie Brown Christmas Tree

Raise your hand if you love A Charlie Brown Christmas? I do!  And I make my kids watch it whether they want to or not because I'm mean fun like that!  So today I'm going to show you how to make your very own Charlie Brown Christmas tree.  Makes a great center piece!

What You Need
A small branch from a pice tree
Two long, thin pieces of wood
light blue material
a long nail (must clear both pieces of wood and at least 1/2 an in. out the other side.)
red ball ornament

First off, place the two boards together and hammer the nail through the middle and out the other side.

note: hammering is a great activity for kids.  Put a few nails in a piece of scrap wood for them to practice on.  For little guys, use a cardboard box instead of a piece of wood for easy practice.

Fold the blue material in half.  Pinch the middle of the folded edge and fold in half again where you are pinching.  Cut off the corner you are pinching.

Open up the material and place the hole over the end of the nail.  This is the blanket Linus wraps around the tree.

Cut the bottom of the branch off so it is flat.

Screw the end of the branch onto the end of the nail.  

Now all you have left to do is hang your ornament!  

How cute is that?

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