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Friday, December 21, 2012

12 for Christmas ~ Creative Wrapping Ideas

My last 12 for Christmas post is a collection of pretty (and fun) gift wrapping ideas.
Hope you are inspired!

1) Trader Joe's Holiday Bags 
Reused as Gift Wrap
as seen on Happy Serendipity
Love, love, love!

2) Newspaper, Baker's Twine
 & Monogram Tags
Love, love, love.  The sequel.

3) Yarn and Poms!
And of course I adore these merry merry poms!  I might need to do this one ; )

4) Burlap & Bells
Simple and classic.

5) Tea Towel Gift Wrap
Are you into vintage?  Old Christmas tea towels make lovely gift wrap!  Or new ones, too!

6) Fabric Wrap Bags
Reuse them again and again - this idea is lookin' good to me.

7) Washi-Decorated Paper
Can't go wrong with washi!  

8) Reindeer Pillow Box Gift Card Holder
This little pillow box made me smile, so I'm sharing it : )

9) Faux Bois w/ Contact Paper
Love this!  And any layering of bands of paper!

10) Supersized Christmas Crackers!
This made me giggle ~ use a $5 cement form tube to wrap an 
oddly-shaped gift into a huge holiday cracker!

11) Paper Doileys on Top 
of Patterned Wrapping Paper
I've seen doileys over craft paper and newspaper, but this was the first I saw it on 
patterned wrapping paper.  I love it!  The toppers are super cute, too!

12) Chalkboard Style
w/ black paper and chalkboard markers
You know chalkboard style is all the rage, and you can do it super easy this way!

That's 12 folks.  But think of all the many beautiful, fun, merry, creative ways you could TOP your gifts with tags, bows, clips, greenery, layers of fabric or paper or ribbons....wrap away my friends.

It's on my to-do list tonight!
And I need to involve yarn ; )


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