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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Ace Hardware Candlestick Holders

Awhile ago, the people at Ace Hardware contacted me about doing a project for them.  
Did you know they have a fun HoliDIY site full of project ideas?
They sent me all the materials to make these cool Industrial Candlesticks.  
I was so excited when this box showed up on my doorstep!

And now I get to show YOU what I did with this project : )
You can download a free pdf of the instructions and get a parts list here at the HoliDIY site.

First I cemented the pipe fittings and hex nuts together.
Ace supplied me with Duco Cement for this, but I made such a mess of this running all over the sides.
To be honest, industrial mega adhesives make me nervous.  
I had previously worked with E6000 at home, and had plenty left, so I used this instead.
I put a thin line of adhesive along the bottom of the nuts and stacked 'em up.  Easy peasy!
My only note on this bit - The instructions said to make sure your candle taper fits in the top nut.  I assumed mine would fit in the smallest, because that's how it was in the photo.  So I didn't check first....and the tapers did not fit.  I bought new ones and they didn't fit either.  I ended up having to cut the tapers shorter until the width of the base would fit into the top of the holder.  
My advice:  actually check your hardware with your candles, and make sure the size on top will fit them ; )
Once the cement sets, you are ready to paint!  Ace sent me some Hammered Silver spray paint.  The pic below is pre-paint.  I did use the Hammered Silver, but it is not much different than the actual pipe fittings, and was not the look I was going for.  Metallic Silver like the project photo is nice.

The fun part of DIY projects is there is a lot of room to tailor your creativity to your own style!
I was working on my Christmas Mantel at the time, and decided to make my Hardware Candlesticks aqua.
Then I wrapped them with red patterned washi tape, because it made me happy ; )

To make my Dollar Tree taper candles more festive, 
I taped off the end with painter's tape, then sprayed Elmer's spray adhesive partway up the taper and swirled it around in a jar of Epsom salts to cover the candle with some frosty sparkle.  It worked great!  
Pull the tape off the end and you have a naked bit that still fits into the holder.  
The line was so crisp, it would have looked great to make stripes, too.
My finished Industrial Candlesticks 
Big thanks to Ace Hardware for the fun!
Come back and I'll show you how I used these to make a Christmas Centerpiece with an old drawer.
Merry Hardware Crafting!


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