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Friday, December 14, 2012

CBC Day #14 - Santa Finger Puppets

Book #14 - I've Seen Santa
by David Bedford

This is an adorable book is about a little bear who is is on a search to see Santa on Christmas Eve night.  The thing is, his mom and dad seem to have their own plans that night!  A silly little book about a family trying to cheat the system!  
The illustrations are darling and the book has a bunch of little surprises when this little bear thinks he sees Santa!

Our Day 14 Christmas Book Countdown Activity
Santa Finger Puppets (and a snowman)

Old and mismatched gloves are one of my favorite ways of making finger puppets.  Just glue felt and googly eyes on and you can make tons of different things!  At Thanksgiving we made turkey and indian ones.  They were adorable!  So for this book, we decided to make a Santa one.  It was so fun, we decided to make a snowman too!


For the Santa You Will Need
one white glove
googly eyes
felt in red, white, and black
1/4" white poms
hot glue

To make the snowman too, add some orange felt.

To start off, you'll need to cut off a finger from your glove

Then, cut out some felt shapes.  I do this ahead of time since neither of my kids enjoy cutting.

The felt shapes you will need
1.5"x3.5" rectangle in red
.5"x3.5" strip (1 black, 2 white)
cone shape in red
.5"x.5" square in white

Glue the pieces in this way
white strip on the bottom of the red rectangle
black strip on the middle of the red rectangle
white square on the middle of the black strip
white strip along the bottom of the red cone

Trim off any excess fabric

Wrap the santa suit around the glove finger.  Don't make it tight, just comfortably around.

Next, wrap the hat in a cone shape and glue along the edge.  Glue a pom at the top.

Glue a circle around the top of the glove finger and place the hat.  This works best if you put your finger in first, although I suggest you use your finger and not your child since the glue gets a little warm even through the glove.

Almost done!  Finally, glue on some googly eyes and a beard of poms!

To make a snowman, you'll need to cut out these pieces
one 3/4"x3.5" rectangle in black
1" circle in black
1.5" circle in black
2-3 small circles in black for buttons
skinny triangle in orange

The extra black square you see is not used.  I don't know how it got in the picture.

Cut off another glove finger.

Make the hat first.  Wrap the long rectangle in a loop.
Glue the 1" circle on the top and the 1.5" circle on the bottom
Put your finger (not your child's) in the glove and glue the hat on.

Finally glue the googly eyes, nose and buttons on.  You can even do a scarf.  That would be cute!

Don't forget
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Merry Christmas crafting!


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