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Saturday, December 8, 2012

CBC #8: Jingly Penguin Ornaments

Book #8: My Penguin Osbert by Elizabeth Cody Kimmel

I think this is one of my favorite books so far.  It may even be purchase worthy.  The illustrations by H.B. Lewis are absolutely beautiful and magical.  The colors harmonious.  All surrounded around an adorable story about a boy who asks Santa for a penguin and gets just that.  Now he has to live unselfishly with the gift he asks for.

Every page has something interesting to look at and tells so much more to the story then the words do.  But the story itself will make you smile.

Our Day 8 Christmas Book Countdown Activity 
Jingly Penguin Ornaments

I love how these turned out and they are my oldest son's favorite activity so far.  And they are easier then they look.  My oldest was able to make his all on his own and my youngest only needed a little help.

You will need: black and white polymer clay, bell, hot glue and yarn (I originally was going to hot glue orange felt on it for the beak, but decided to use clay instead) 

To start off, knead the clay for a couple minutes.  For littler kids, you  may need to help with this part because it starts out pretty hard.

When softened, you will make three simple shapes.  A white ball about the size of your bell, a black flat circle slightly larger than a quarter, and a black ball about the size of a small marble.

Wrap the flat circle around the white ball so it covers about halfway.

Press the small black ball onto the top.  

Now the face.  Make two tiny white balls and press them on for eyes.

Make two smaller black balls and press them on the eyes for pupils.

Roll a small black piece for a peak and press it on.  Also, roll a small worm shape and loop it onto the top for a hanger.  Smooth the edges of the hanger down.

Cut any loops or hangers off the bell and press it into the bottom of the penguin.  When you have it as far as you want it, remove the bell.  It might break apart.  That's okay.  It's what you get for a dollar.  It glues back together with some hot glue.  Just make sure all the bell pieces are out before baking.

Place the penguin on a cookie sheet and bake at 300 for 10 minutes.  Let cool and hot glue the bell back in place.  String some yarn through the hanger and it's ready for the tree!

Aren't they cute?  And you don't have to stop at penguins.  There's lots of bells to make more.  You can make snowmen, santas, and whatever else.  Great for gifts!  

To recap once again:
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And if you are just joining us
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