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Saturday, December 1, 2012

CBC Day 1 - Paper Stocking Countdown Garland

I'm so excited to start our Christmas Book Countdown for 2012!
We have our CBC Book Bag loaded and on the hearth : )
I hope you enjoy this series as much as we do!  You can join in anytime - for a few days or all of them, whatever works for your schedule.  If you don't have access to the specific book title for the day, no worries!  There are so many fantastic Christmas books out there for kids that it is easy to sub in a different book if needed.  Need ideas on titles?  Check out the posts from last year's CBC Series.

In case you missed it...


Our first book is "A Christmas Stocking Story" by Hilary Knight

In this silly, rhyming story, the animals get their stockings mixed up and Santa fills them the wrong gifts.  An elephant, hippo, lion, stork, fox, fish, snake, and bug fix the mix-up by swapping gifts with each other by what they know their friends would love.

We enjoyed the different shapes of the stockings and the items inside that were special gifts for each animal's personality.  
Cheerful and fun with fantastic illustrations!

For our first CBC activity, to go with this book, we made a
Paper Stocking Countdown Garland

I chose this for our opening day, because we will be numbering the stockings each day to count down to Christmas.  I thought this would help my Little Man, who has asked every day since last week if tomorrow is Christmas. No baby, it's not even December yet ; )  I love his anticipation!

For this activity, you will be tracing, cutting, and gluing
to assemble 24 paper stockings that will be strung on yarn as a garland.

We used:  patterned scrapbook paper, colored cardstock, white cardstock,
cotton balls, scissors, pencils, glue sticks, white glue, hole punch, and yarn.
I also made a template of stocking pieces out of cereal box which was easier for my boys to trace.
I used this pattern for our template pieces.  Just right-click to save the pic and print.

These stockings are roughly 5" x 8", and our garland stretched across our kitchen windows.
You can make your stockings any size you like!  
The template will still work for you, just print it as an 8x10 or 5x7 photo instead of full page.

We traced our templates, cut out pieces, and glue them together.
Some stocking have all the pieces (accent on heel/toe), and some don't.  
We used cotton balls and white glue on some of the cuffs for white fluff. 
A snapshot of half of our paper stockings, letting glue dry before punching and stringing.
You could decorate your stockings with paint, glitter, stamps, stickers, washi tape ~ be creative!
My boys thoroughly enjoyed doing this activity, all the way up to stocking 24!

Once the glue dried, I punched two holes on the cuffs (or right under the cuffs on a few),
and threaded a long piece of yarn through.  Ribbon, string, twine...whatever you have.

I hung our Paper Stocking Garland across the window area in our kitchen, at 
halfway up, so that my boys would be able to reach to attach the number stickers.

For numbering, I made a  set of printable tags in My Memories (much like 2" cupcake toppers).
I printed mine on full-sheet adhesive paper to make them into stickers, but you could use regular printer paper or cardstock and just tape them on, too.  Numbered scrapbook stickers would also work, or
you could just write the number on each day, but there is something special for my boys about being the one to stick a sticker on.  They climb over each other to be chosen as the stick-ee ; )
Little Man got to go first : )

That's it!  Garland hung and the first in line has it's sticker tag.
Here are the printables for number tags 
I got a little carried away and made three different sets, 
so feel free to use what works with your color scheme!
Just click the image to view larger, then right-click to save to your desktop.
I printed mine as a full-page photo with no borders and used a 2" craft punch.
If your stockings are smaller, you can print it as an 8x10 or 5x7 for smaller tags.

Bright Traditional Advent Countdown Tags

Muted Woodland Advent Countdown Tags

Modern Snow Day Advent Countdown Tags

And don't forget, if you are on Instagram and share pics of your 
Christmas Book Countdown fun, tag your photo with


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