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Monday, December 10, 2012

CBC Day 10 ~ Big Hungry Bean Bag Bears

Book #10: Merry Christmas Big Hungry Bear by Don and Audrey Wood

Both of my kids loved the story The Little Mouse, the Red Ripe Strawberry, and the Big Hungry Bear and so it was no surprise that they loved the Christmas version as well.  I didn't even know it existed, but I'm glad I found it.  Told in typical Big Hungry Bear style, Little Mouse finds out that The Big Hungry Bear doesn't get any gifts for Christmas.  Saddened by this, he decides that everyone deserves presents for Christmas and sets out to deliver some to the big hungry bear.  Little does he know that a surprise awaits him at the big hungry bear cave!  This book is cute, simple, and even your littlest ones will enjoy it!

Our Day 10 Christmas Book Countdown Activity
Big Hungry Bean Bag Bears

Okay, they aren't actually big.  And they don't really look hungry.  But they are bears!  This activity comes from Family Crafts and it was too cute to pass up.  These little guys crack me up!  And my kids adore them as well.  They both took theirs to bed with them.

You will need: a white sock (mine was a woman's sock), poly pellets (or rice or beans), some felt (brown, white, black and whatever color for the scarf), hot glue, sharp scissors, white string or yarn, googly eyes

The first thing you need to do is fill the sock.  Now, I said before that you can use rice or beans.  I like Poly Pellets best, but you can use what you have on hand.  Fold the sock over the rim of a cup.  This makes it easier to pour the filling in.

Fill the sock about halfway between the toe and heel.

Tie a string about an inch above the filling.  Cut the sock off just above the string.  Add some glue to the string and a lot of glue inside the end of the sock.  Make sure it's glued shut.  This will prevent any accidents.  We learned this the hard way.

Tie a string around the middle so that the toe side is slightly smaller than the tied side.  The small end is the head.  Put a bit of glue on the knot.

Cut the following shapes from the felt.  
Two ear shapes the size of nickels from white
Two circles the size of nickels from white
Two arm shapes about two inches long from white
Three circles the size of dimes from brown
One rounded heart shape about an inch wide from brown
Two oval shapes about 3/4 in long from browm
6 impossibly small circles for the toe pads
circle slightly smaller than a dime in black
A long strip about 1/2 inch wide for the scarf
The mittens are optional.  They were my son's idea.  I just freehanded them by putting one of the arms against the glove color and cutting a mitten shape around it.

Now the fun part.  Glue the pieces together like this:
2 brown circles on the white ears
1 oval and 3 impossibly small circles on each large white circle
1 brown circle underneath the upside down heart shape.  
Black circle on the top of the heart shape
Mittens on the arms if you are using them

Next, glue the pieces onto you bear so it looks like this

Put glue all the way around his neck and wrap the scarf around like this

Finally add googly eyes.  My son is obsessed with beanie boos so he added big eyes to his bear.  Add whatever size you want.

Now you can snuggle, cuddle and play with your wintery bean bag bear!


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