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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

CBC Day 11 - Glittered Pinecones

Book #11 - Llama Llama Holiday Drama
by Anna Dewdney
Little ones are surrounded by the excitement and anticipation of the Christmas season, and through all that, they have to wait and wait (and wait some more) for the big special day to finally arrive.  This book follows Llama Llama through the rush and bustle of holiday traditions, till it all just gets to be too much!  How much longer will it be?  Llama Llama reaches his limit on Holidrama!  Then his Mama pulls him aside for a quiet snuggle and the reminder of what our true gifts are - each other!  I'm a fan of other Llama Llama books and was excited to discover this Christmas addition.  The rhyme flows so smoothly, it's a delight to read, and the illustrations are so cute.  I love the expressions of little Llama as he is ushered through all the holiday traditions so familiar to us all.

Our Day 11 Christmas Book Countdown Activity
Glittered Pinecones

Holiday drama made me think of glitter.  Not sure why exactly, but this is a classic Christmas project that was a crowd pleaser with my boys ~ because it's messy, and we glittered Shake-n-Bake style!

For this activity you will need:
good ol' Elmer's glue
ziplock bags (gallon works best)
waxed paper

This is a no-brainer project, but I will warn you that the glue can get a little out of control.
My recommendation is to fill a few dixie cups with a half inch or so of glue for each child.
Double-dipping to share and drip all over the bottle and table turned into a big mess for us.

We painted the glue onto the pinecones.
Then put our glue-y cones into ziplock bags with a bunch of glitter dumped in.
Shake to coat.  My boys had so much fun with this part that all my pics came out blurry ; )
This Shake-n-Bake method works great for little ones!
Once the shaking (and glitter dancing) is done, just lay your glittered pinecones on waxed paper to dry.

That's it folks!
Hope you gathered a lot of pinecones for this, because they may want to keep glittering over and over!
Once your glittered cones dry, use them to decorate however you please.
I tucked ours in among my Christmas Mantel decor, and put a few in a bowl with ornaments, too.

FYI - if you want to do some really quick glittered pinecones on the sly (without your Littles),
I found that spray adhesive and shaking the glitter on like salt worked beautifully!
SO quick and easy - it's like buttering and salting corn on the cob.  HA!  Done in two minutes!


You can see pics of our Christmas Book Countdown activities on instagram,
with the hashtag #CBCatcraftinterrupted.  Feel free to tag and share your own!

We are almost halfway through our countdown here folks, 
and the only pics are mine and Tiff's.  Are y'all doing this with us?  
Snap an instagram pic of your Christmas Book Countdown projects!
We'd LOVE to see!

And if you are just joining us
here is this year's CBC Book List
and also a Supply List for all the activities


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