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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

CBC Day 12: Yarn Christmas Trees

Book #12: A Christmas Tree For Pyn
This is a darling story about a little girl with a gruff dad who desperately wants her first Christmas tree.  Her dad, although he loves Pyn, does not want one.  So Pyn sets out on her own to get the perfect Christmas Tree.

I loved this story and the illustration were adorable.  We fell in love with the family dynamic of Pyn and her father, Oother.  Their relationship shows that love isn't always spoken in words,

Our Day 12 Christmas Book Activity
Yarn Christmas Trees

A special shout out to A Million Little Things for  this adorable tutorial.  Go check hers out.  It's so sweet you could eat it for dessert!

For this you will need
styrofoam cones
green yard
green felt
hot glue
card stock
hole punches, poms, christmas confetti or anything else to decorate your tree

To start with, trace the bottom and top of the cone onto the felt.  Glue those pieces on the styrofoam to cover the top and bottom.

Glue the end of the yarn onto the bottom of the cone.

Start wrapping the yarn around the bottom.  Glue after a couple wraps.

Keep wrapping and gluing along the way.  It doesn't need to be falt or smooth.  What Christmas tree is, after all!  Cover all the styrofoam areas and glue and cut when done.

Collect decorations and punch out shapes from you card stock.

Hot glue the decorations on.  For the stars, We glued two stars on either side of a toothpick.  Then stuck the toothpick in the top.  My oldest took it a step further and glued an entire wooden ball on the top, decorated to look like a star.

And there you have it!  Makes a great decoration piece!


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