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Thursday, December 13, 2012

CBC Day 13 - North Pole Sign

Book #13 - Santa Claus the World's Number One Toy Expert
by Marla Frazee

This book gives us a charming picture of all the hard work Santa does to earn and maintain his status as the world's number one toy expert (and kid expert and gift expert).  Santa does research, testing and organizing all year long to prepare, and works hard to make a magical Christmas for every child.   Successful 99.9% of the time ; )  The illustrations in this book are absolutely delightful!  Santa taking notes, doing somersaults on a trampoline, inventory in his warehouse, reading stories to stuffed animals to make them extra cozy...all while wearing brightly patterned shorts and surrounded by mugs of hot cocoa.  In the end, every year, he gets it just right.  We read this book over and over and giggled at the pictures!

Our Day 13 Christmas Book Countdown Activity
North Pole Sign
I discovered this super cute craft in a Taste of Home cookbook while visiting my sister's kitchen over Thanksgiving.  I snapped a pic of the page with my phone and now we are making it : )

For this activity you will need:
red & white pipe cleaners
craft paint & brush
white cardstock cut into 1" squares and strips 1/2" by 2" long
unfinished wood toy wheel, with 1/4" opening
1/2" sparkle poms
glue gun
markers/pens/crayons to make your signs - or printed words for littles to cut and paste

To make your North Pole Sign
Paint your wheel (we used red and white, but anything goes).
While it dries, twist one red and one white pipe cleaner together, candy cane style.
Cut your twist to about 6" long.
Fold the bottom over on itself and hot glue into your dry wheel.
Glue a sparkle pom on the top end of your pole.
Make three signs on the cardstock pieces:
1" square says "North Pole" and goes on top by the pom
The strips are notched on one end to make an arrow.
One way to "Santa's Workshop" and one way to your little one's house : )
I had to write these on for Little Man, but he decorated around the words with a crayon.

Glue the signs to the front of your pole and you're done!
These would be fun to do at a kids' Christmas party, too!  The supplies are inexpensive.
It's pretty cute to see the handwriting and the way my older two wrote their own signs.
I think Junior Man lives next to Santa's Workshop, because they are both the same direction ; )

Here are our finished North Pole Signs

CUTE and fun!

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Merry Christmas crafting!


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