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Monday, December 17, 2012

CBC Day 17 - Canning Lid Reindeer Craft

Book #17 - Santa's Stuck
by Rhonda Gowler Greene & Henry Cole

We enjoyed this humorous tale of what happens when Santa eats one too many cookies on Christmas Eve.  The reindeer on the roof, and the pets in the house below, work as a team to get Santa back into his sleigh and on his merry way.  The rhythm and rhyme in this book are great fun for reading aloud with your kiddos!  And the expressions of the animals as they try to solve Santa's problem are priceless.

Our Day 17 Christmas Book Countdown Activity
Canning Lid Reindeer
I saw this idea at Free Kids Crafts, and thought it would be perfect for our Christmas Book Countdown!

for this activity you will need:
canning jar lids (just the flat piece, without the ring - regular size, I bought wide mouth by mistake)
brown craft paint & brush
printable pattern, found here
brown and beige craft foam (felt or cardstock would work, too)
1" split wood ball
pom poms for noses (or paint, sharpie markers, small piece of felt or craft foam...)
google eyes
Ribbon to hang or clothespin to use as an ornament clip
hot glue gun to assemble

to make your canning lid reindeer:
Paint the top side of your canning lid with brown paint.
Trace the pattern for ears and antlers and cut out two of each for your reindeer.
When paint is dry, use hot glue to assemble your reindeer.
We used clothespins on the backside to make a clip that goes on the branches of the Christmas tree.
Glue antlers on the backside, ears on the front.
Add your split ball for a muzzle, then a nose, and draw a mouth with sharpie.
Google eyes and you're done!
I did this craft with a group of six kids, and we added a bow to one little girl's reindeer antlers.
You could also glue on ribbon or felt scarves under the chin.
Antlers could be made from brown pipe cleaners instead of craft foam, too!

Some of our finished reindeer
With clothespin clips on the back, these cute reindeer could easily be attached to ribbon on top of a gift.
Clip one onto your teacher and neighbor gifts for some handmade goodness : )

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Merry Christmas crafting!


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