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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

CBC Day #18 ~ Wooden Gift Blocks

Book #18 - One Christmas Night
by M. Christina Butler

Our family has M. Christine Butler's book One Snowy Night in our personal library.  So when I saw One Christmas Night, I knew I had to check it out.  This book tells the story of Little Hedgehog as he tries to create the perfect Christmas.  With the help of his friends, he decorates his tree, bakes goodies, and gathers presents but it still doesn't feel like Christmas until his friends are there to share it with him.
Tina Macnaughton doesn't disappoint with her beautiful pastel illustrations.  With some added glitter along the way, this book is darling and worth the read.

Our Day 18 Christmas Book Countdown Activity
Wooden Gift Blocks

This is a quick, easy craft to do with the kids that makes a great decoration piece in the end.  It is completely open to your child's imagination and an great way for them to "wrap" their own presents without having to worry about tearing paper or tangled tape.

You will need: a block of wood of any size, rectangle or square.  You also need paint, hot glue and ribbon.

Optional materials: sand paper, cardstock, shape punch, stamps, glitter, bells, tags, anything you want to decorate your gift.

First you need to paint your block in whatever color you want.  If your block is splintery, you can sand down the edges.  And yes, my son has serious bed head in this picture!

Let it dry.  At this point, if you want patterned paper, you can put glitter, stamps, more paint, or whatever you want to decorate your wrapping.  We left ours blank.

Now, wrap a ribbon around it, leaving several extra inches for a bow, and glue it down.  

Before tying your bow, you can punch out a tag or add a bell or whatever else you want to finish off your gift.  Then tie a bow at the top.

That's it! Now you have a cute gift to use as decoration or play with!

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Merry Christmas crafting!


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