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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

CBC Day 19 - Jumbo Clothespin Gingerbread Man

Book #19 - The Gingerbread Pirates
by Kristin Kladstrup and Matt Tavares 

A boy and his mom make gingerbread pirate cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve.  The boy keeps his favorite gingerbread pirate, Captain Cookie, by his bedside, but in the night Captain Cookie goes on an adventure to save the rest of his gingerbread pirate crew from being eaten!  This is such a fun book, and an original take on the traditional gingerbread man story.   The illustrations are bright and whimsical, and  I love the Christmas Magic that happens at the end ; )

Our Day 19 Christmas Book Countdown Activity
Jumbo Clothespin Gingerbread Men
I switched it up by using jumbo clothespins that would be easier for Littles to paint and decorate.
We also added felt arms and legs to make our gingerbread men cute little shelf sitters.

for this activity you will need:
jumbo unfinished wood clothespin (a wood block would also work)
brown craft paint, and optional white and red for accents
google eyes
poms, buttons, and ric rac for accents
beige or brown felt for arms and legs
hot glue gun to assemble

to make your clothespin gingerbread man:
Paint the clothespin with brown craft paint.
It works well to paint all sides and then set it upright on its end to dry
We then painted some red and/or white wavy lines on the top and bottom for "icing" decoration.
Ric Rac works awesome for this, so you could use that instead or in combination with your paint.

Once your paint is dry, you can glue on google eyes, pom noses, buttons, etc.
We drew on the mouth with a black sharpie marker.
We then added beige felt arms and legs with ric rac trim.
The original craft that I saw didn't have arms and legs, but I added them at the last minute 
and my boys loved it!  Junior Man clipped his on top of the gift bag to his teacher : )

Here are our finished Clothespin Gingerbread Men
They make me giggle.

With the floppy legs, they look cute sitting on the edge of a shelf with the legs hanging over : )

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Merry Christmas crafting!


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