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Sunday, December 2, 2012

CBC Day 2 - Angel Peggies

Yay!  Jaimee explained earlier that we are taking turns this year with the Christmas Book Countdown.  So now it's my turn to share a book with you!  I hope you are as excited as I am to see what we have in store for you each day!

Today's book is "The Christmas Angels" by Claire Freedman

This is a beautifully illustrated poem about Angels at Christmas.  The Angels are everywhere, watching over you throughout the Christmas season and all it festivities, even when you are far from home.

Illustrated by Gail Yerrill, the whimsical paintings feature little forest creatures preparing for the holidays while the angels gather around them.  Every illustration is filled with  magical fun an all sorts of things to look at.

After reading this book, we made
Angel Peggies
So now we have our own angels to watch over us.

We used: Unfinished Wooden pegs, paint, white felt, and yellow yarn, sharpie, hot glue (or whatever glue you have)

First off, we painted dresses and hair on our peggies.  I let the kids pick their own colors and paint them however they wanted.  I had to sit on my hands at times and bite my lip from making suggestions, but I really wanted the kids to have control.  It looked so fun I made my own!

We let the paint dry and used a sharpie to paint the face.  My littlest (3) did an impression of his angel's face.

I cut the wings out of the felt.  I just folded the felt and cut a rounded shape on one of the straight edges.

Hot glue (or regular glue) the wings on.  Cut a small piece of yarn.  Make a glue circle around the top of the head and glue the yarn on.  Cut off any excess.  Add a little bit of glue where the ends meet so the yarn doesn't fray.

We keep ours on our mantle to watch over us!

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