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Thursday, December 20, 2012

CBC Day #20 ~ Underpants Ornaments

Book #20 - Aliens Love Panta Claus
by Claire Freedman

My kids LOVE the underpants books!  Having a six year old boy helps. But the stories themselves are always so delightful and will put a smile on your face!  So when I saw the Christmas version, I said yes please!
The underpants loving aliens are at it again!  But this time, instead of stealing underpants, they are giving them away!  Only problem is, Santa sleigh broke down.  How are underpants going to save the day this time?
Pay attention to the illustrations, your kids will love all the ways they incorporate underpants in the pictures!

Our Day 20 Christmas Book Countdown Activity
Underpants Ornaments

So, I realize that this is crossing into the realms of ridiculous.  I might have been stretching when I came up with this one.  But at this point, after Christmas chaos, end of the world threats, and school violence, we are all in need of a little silly!  This crafts brought lots of laughs and giggles to my house. And the fact that they are made out of toilet paper tubes almost put them over the edge!

So, here we go!  

You will need: toilet paper tube, hot glue, cardstock in whatever color or pattern you want your underpants, white felt, ribbon, stamps or markers or whatever else to decorate your underpants!

Cut the toilet paper tube in half.  One tube will make two ornaments.

Cut your cardstock the height of the tube and long enough to wrap around.  Glue it around your tube.

Flatten the tube and cut two tall curved archways on the bottom.

Round out your tube again and fold the bottom sides together.  Glue them together pinching tightly until it dries.

Cut a long strip of white felt about 1/4 inch thick.  Glue around the top of your underwear and around the leg holes.

With felt and whatever decorations you want.  You can stamp the back for a design or add a crotch.  Whatever you want!  You can use the inside cover of the book for ideas!

Glue a ribbon on the insides of underpants sides.  And you are done!

They make a great candy holder too!

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Merry Christmas crafting!


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