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Friday, December 21, 2012

CBC Day 21 ~ Keepsake Handprint Santa

Book #21 - Dear Santa: The Letters 
of James B. Dobbins
compiled by Bill Harley & illustrated by R.W. Alley

This book is such a delight.  It's not a story with a plot, but progresses through the letters a boy writes to Santa - wish lists for gifts, reflections on humorous family happenings and siblings, defense for slip-ups in behavior...throughout the series of letters, the true spirit of Christmas comes through - the joy of giving to others.  The illustrations are so sweet and full of fun, as we follow along with the efforts of one boy trying his best.  
This one is a personal favorite!

Our Day 21 Christmas Book Countdown Activity
Keepsake Handprint Santa
I saw this idea here at The Karpiuks and thought is was so sweet.  
You could do this with either salt dough or bakeable clay (which is what I used).

If you're not up for dough or clay, you can still make Santa Handprints with paint and paper!
There is a great tutorial for these Santa Handprints here at Happenings of the Harper Household.

for this activity you will need:
salt dough OR white bakeable clay (like Sculpey)
rolling pin
little hands
baking tray and oven
white and red craft paint
black sharpie marker 
sealant (opt)

to make your Santa handprint ornament:
Roll it, pat it & mark it with a B!  
Just kidding.
We used golf ball sized amounts of clay and rolled it flat.
Press your Little's hand in to make a print (with clay we really had to push to get an impression).
If it doesn't turn out, just ball up the clay and roll it out again.  No biggie.
Trim around the edges with a sharp knife to make it pretty.
Bake @ 275 for 15 minutes (or for whatever your clay says on the package).
We did our snowflakes from day 16 at the same time.
Let cool and paint.  I won't lie - I did the paint part on these, because I wanted them to be keepsakes.
I looked at some google images of Handprint Santa Ornaments to see where to paint the red of the hat, the peach of the face, and the white of the beard and hat trim.  Not too difficult (for a grown-up).
I let this dry overnight.
This is where the drama started happening...
I came down the next morning and Little Man's Handprint Santa looked...well, like someone tried to bend it, causing it to break, and then attempted to cover up the mishap with scotch tape. *sigh*

 I thought I could hot glue it, but I soon found out that hot glue does not stick to polymer clay.  
Thankfully I had E6000 on hand to for my second attempt.  That stuff rocks.  
Then I repainted the scratched parts and it was all good to go again....
I invited my Middle and Little Men to draw on the face and accents with sharpie.
Middle Man did an awesome job and his Santa turned out adorable!  As you can see above.
Little Man was doing great, too...I got this sweet pic of him drawing his Santa face on...

...right after I snapped this photo, he decided to "add a beard" to Santa's face. 
Nevermind that there already was a huge white beard, it obviously needed another one.
Phallic shaped, and in black sharpie.  
This was after three thick coats of white paint trying to cover it up.  
It took a few more coats to completely wipe that out.  It was very stubborn.

I thought I was home free (finally) after getting the offending "beard" removed, but the second I sprayed these finished Santas with clear sealant, the sharpie started to bleed and fan out all blurry.
I don't know why.  It did in some areas more than others, and thankfully the faces stayed ok.
I think this craft did not want to be done!

I put some string in these babies and called it a day.
our finished Santas (thank goodness)

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Merry Christmas crafting!  I hope your craft time has less snafus than ours did on this one ; )


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