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Saturday, December 22, 2012

CBC Day #22 - Sparkly Snowman Window Clings

Book #22 - There's Snow Stopping Us Now
A Hallmark Holiday Series Book by Cheryl Hawkinson

Hallmark has been putting out it's yearly Hallmark Holiday Series ever since my oldest was in diapers.  We have gotten it every year and they are always adorable!  They writing style has a Dr. Seuss feel and the illustrations are adorable.  Every year the book is just $5 with the purchase of 3 Hallmark cards or $10 without.
In this book we follow the residents of Snowbelt on a icy race!  And we are introduced to a member form the South Pole!  A penguin who is afraid of heights.  This book is a sweet addition to the Hallmark Holiday Series

Our Day 22 Christmas Book Countdown Activity
Sparkly Snowman Window Clings

All you need is 3 sizes of plastic dollar store snowflakes, craft foam in orange and black, and hot glue.

First off, glue the three snowflakes together like a snowman.

Cut out an orange triangle, small black circles for eyes and mouth, larger black circles for buttons.  I like to let my kids choose how many pieces for the mouth and buttons.


Glue the pieces onto the snowman.

Now, to make it a window cling, hot glue it to the window!

That's it!  Cute and crafty!

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