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Sunday, December 23, 2012

CBC Day 23 ~ Flying Felt Bird Ornament

Book #23 - Christmas is Here
adapted from King James Bible 
illustrated by Lauren Castillo

The only words in this story are taken directly from the Christmas story in the King James Bible, but the illustrations present it in a beautiful way that modern day children can relate to.  A family goes to see a live nativity, and as the boy peers into the manger to see the baby, we are transported back to the shepherds that follow the star to the stable where Jesus was born.  The illustrations wrap up the Bible story by returning to the Christmas gathering at the live nativity scene, showing cozy snow, caroling, and family togetherness.  It's a beautiful and peaceful rendition of the story of Christmas.

Our Day 23Christmas Book Countdown Activity
Flying Felt Bird Ornament
This activity comes from Spoonful, with a printable template for both cardinal and dove.

for this activity you will need:
one sheet of craft felt per bird - red for cardinals, white for doves
string/yarn to hang
tiny sprigs of fake greens
black sharpie or bead for eye
hot glue or Elmer's school glue

to make your flying felt bird ornament:
You can print the pattern and see the tutorial here at Spoonful.
It's a simple and quick project, but little hands will need help tracing, cutting, and gluing.
TIP - if using sparkle felt, you will have to flip your pattern before tracing the 
second one so that you have left and right sides with the sparkle facing out.

Trace two birds onto your felt (regular ball point pens work good for this), and cut them out.
Loop whatever string, ribbon, yarn you are using for your hanger and 
glue in the center just under the wing on one of your bird pieces.
Then outline the bird's body, beak and tail with glue - make sure you leave the wings free of glue
Layer your second bird on top, matching up the shapes and let dry.
If using hot glue, it's best to go slowly, gluing a few inches at a time
 instead of outlining the whole bird at once.  We were able to glue the top section, 
leave the belly open, and stuff the birds a tiny bit before gluing shut.
You can stuff them with cotton balls or scraps of felt - or leave them flat.
Snip a few pieces off a spray of fake greens (we used holly from Dollar Tree), and glue under the beak.
Add an eye with sharpie, puff paint, fabric paint, scrap of felt, mini pom, button, bead...whatever works.
When you hang your bird, the wings are free to flap open and downward like the bird is flying : )
So pretty!
Our finished bird ornaments

We hung ours on the garland on our stairway.

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Merry Christmas crafting!  I hope your craft time has less snafus than ours did on this one ; )


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