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Monday, December 24, 2012

CBC Day #24 - Monstrous Paint Ornaments

Book #24 - Christmas Present
by Joel Schick

35 years ago, this book was given to my husband as a gift from his dad.  Today, it's an all time favorite of my boys.  It's unfortunate that it is so difficult to find these days, even in the library because it is a really fun book.  Joel Schick was an artist for Jim Henson and that fun style is shown in this book.  
It tells the song of the 12 Days of Christmas, but everyday the true love presents a number of monsters who happily devour the house.  Each page is delightfully illustrated as the monster destroy more and more of the room.  Your kids will fall in love the the six sneeds a slavering and five moldy things!

It's Christmas Eve!  And the final day of our Christmas Book Countdown.  I wish I had a more representational activity for you, but I suppose I didn't plan well.  And to tell you the truth, my original activity was a flop!  it happens.  So I came up with a quick last minute one and made it versatile so that you can make it whatever you want.

Our Day 24 Christmas Book Countdown Activity
Monstrous Paint Ornaments

So, your options for this ornaments are to make a Fun Painted Ornament, a Monstrous Painted Ornament or a Monster Ornament depending on your supplies.

For a Fun Painted Ornament you need: a plastic (highly suggested) clear or frosted ornament, paint, string
For a Monster Ornament you need: and old solid color ball ornament (preferably plastic), craft foam, hot glue gun if craft foam doesn't have a sticky back, string
For a Monstrous Painted Ornament you will need a plastic (highly suggested) clear or frosted ball ornament, paint, craft foam, hot glue if craft foam doesn't have a sticky back, string

Notice how I have mentioned the idea of a plastic ornament several times?  Yep.  That's because all we had on hand were frosted glass ones and there were some casualties and a lot of tears.

The instructions will be in step to help you with whatever craft you choose.  If you are doing the Monster Ornament, start at step 5.  For the Fun Painted Ornament and the Monstrous Painted Ornament, start at step 1

Step 1: remove the topper from the ornament.

Step 2: squirt a couple Tbsp. of paint inside.  You can use as many colors as you want.

Step 3: swirl and shake the ornament around so that the paint covers the entire inside.

Step 4: If you are making the Fun Painted Ornament, let dry and replace the topper and continue to step 7.  If not, continue to step 5: while paint dries.

Step 5: Help your child design their monster and cut out foam pieces for teeth, eyes, horns, whatever.

Step 6: place the craft foam on the ornament by sticking or hot gluing (hot gluing will last longer but stickers is easier) I used a sharpie to draw the mouth.  Replace topper if you painted it.

Step 7: string a string or yarn to hang your ornament.

Have a Merry Christmas!

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